A Guide to Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Operators

Activision’s Call of Duty series presents a new chapter with MW3, introducing a roster of characters set to become fan favourites. Let’s dive into the list of MW3 operators, which includes a mix of new and returning faces.

New and Returning Faces in MW3

The operator list for MW3 is not only expansive but also features characters from previous instalments, thanks to the Modern Warfare 3 carry forward feature. This integration allows players to retain MW2 operators within the new game, ensuring a seamless transition for returning players.

SpecGru Operators

  • Price: Comes with a Nemesis Reactive skin in the Vault Edition.
  • Ghost: Also has a Nemesis Reactive skin available in the Vault Edition.
  • Blueprint (Mil-Sim): Instant access upon game start.
  • Rocket (Mil-Sim): Available from the beginning.
  • Several other operators like Byline, Scorch, and Ripper are unlockable through various challenges, ranging from Multiplayer to Zombies.

KorTac Operators

  • Warden: With a Nemesis Reactive skin obtainable via the Vault Edition.
  • Makarov: Another operator with the Nemesis Reactive skin as part of the Vault Edition.
  • Blaze (Mil-Sim) and Thirst (Mil-Sim): Both available immediately.
  • Others like Alpine, Bantam, and Enigma can be unlocked through Multiplayer and Campaign challenges.

The Distinction Between SpecGru and KorTac

Operators in MW3, as per Activision’s announcement, are the game’s playable characters, each belonging to one of two factions: SpecGru or KorTac.

  • SpecGru: A private military company known for its straightforward approach, exemplified by characters like Captain Price and Ghost.
  • KorTac: This group takes a stealthier path, often including former intelligence operatives with a knack for covert operations, such as Makarov.

Game Experience with MW3 Operators

Each operator comes with unique abilities and backgrounds, enriching the game with strategic depth and catering to different playstyles. The inclusion of characters from the campaign, like Captain Price, Ghost, and Makarov, adds familiarity and continuity to the experience.

FAQs: Choosing and Unlocking MW3 Operators

Choosing Between SpecGru and KorTac: Your choice should reflect your gameplay style—aggressive or stealthy. Unlocking New Operators: Missed the pre-order? No worries, as you can unlock operators by completing various in-game challenges

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