How to Remove a Pact From Armor in Diablo 4

Breaking the Pact: Easy Armor Removal in Diablo 4

Vampiric Powers take center stage in the gameplay of Diablo 4’s Season 4. The essence of these powers is not just about wielding them, but also about understanding and manipulating the underlying system of Pacts. This guide delves deep into the mechanics and strategies behind the integration of Pacts and their removal from armor.

Understanding Vampiric Powers and Pacts

Vampiric Powers: These are fundamental to the gameplay loop in Season 4. Pacts: Act as the driving force behind the Vampiric Powers. They influence and shape your overall build. As the season progresses, refining your character involves removing a Pact from your armor, a pivotal step in completing the Season Journey.

Removing Pacts from Armor

To further optimize your gameplay, you’ll need to understand the nuances of Pact removal.

How to Remove Pacts

  1. Cleansing Acid Item: This is the key to removing Pacts. It has the capability to erase every bonus or target a specific one.
  2. Inventory Management: Cleansing Acids are stored in your standard inventory. Keep in mind they are a one-time use.
  3. Mandatory Removal: During Diablo 4’s Season 2, at least one Pact removal is mandatory to progress in the Season Journey. Hence, always have a Cleansing Acid at the ready.

Note: After using the acid for the starting journey quest, it’s vital for tailoring your Sanguine Powers. For equipment with only one hindering bonus, use specific Cleansing Acids. For armor with excellent stats but a poor set of Pacts, go for the general Cleansing Acid.

Acquiring Cleansing Acid

So, where can you get your hands on this essential item?

  1. Crafting: This can be done at any Alchemist. The requirements include possessing at least 100 Potent Blood.
  2. Seeker Cache Containers: Found in the Blood Harvest. However, from personal experience, crafting is a more dependable route. Grinding for 100 Potent Blood is manageable, while relying on caches can be hit or miss.

Importance of Armor in the Season of Blood

The armor holds significant value this season due to its influence on the Sanguin Circle, determining active Vampiric Powers. As the season nears its conclusion, stocking up on Cleansing Acids is of paramount importance. It’s time to be proactive and prepare for the challenges ahead!

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