Fastest ways to capture souls in MW2 and Warzone

Capturing Souls in MW2 and Warzone: Quick and Efficient Strategies

Dominating Matches: The Optimal Approach

To maximize your soul collection in MW2 and Warzone, the key strategy is to dominate as many matches as possible. The amount of souls you can acquire varies significantly across different game modes. For instance, Search and Destroy offers up to 15 souls per match, although it tends to unfold at a slower pace. On the other hand, Kill Confirmed presents an opportunity to earn 12 souls per match, showcasing a faster gameplay experience.

For those aiming to amass souls swiftly, engaging in multiplayer matches on smaller maps is crucial. You might want to consider joining the Shipment 24/7 playlist, which also provides 12 souls per match.

Alternative Methods: Exploring Warzone

For soul collectors focusing on Warzone, respawn modes within the Resurgence playlist, such as quads or trios, come highly recommended. A standout option is the Massive Resurgence Quads, offering a generous 20 souls per match. However, it’s important to note that the time investment may vary, potentially taking slightly longer than matches on Shipment, depending on your playstyle.

Halloween Special: Haunting Modes

MW2’s multiplayer is currently adorned with a variety of Halloween-themed Haunting modes. This includes modes like Haunting Domination, where traditional flags are replaced with scarecrows, and Haunting Kill Confirmed, featuring skulls instead of dog tags. It is crucial to highlight that souls can still be acquired in the regular game modes.

Efficient Soul Collection: Domination on Small Maps

When it comes to playing Domination on small maps such as Shipment, players find themselves in an optimal position for collecting Captured Souls. The absence of a kill limit and the ease of monitoring enemy spawn points make this an efficient strategy. After capturing the souls, simply pick them up to add them to your collection.

Understanding the Soul Capture Event

For those unfamiliar, the Soul Capture event is an “Enhanced and fear-inducing” variant of the game’s Trophy Hunt event. Participants can trade Captured Souls in exchange for various rewards. As a part of this year’s Halloween event, it’s an exciting opportunity not to be missed.

Looking Ahead: Aspiring soul collectors might also be interested in acquiring the new Lilith operator skin in MW2 or securing the Soul Harvester weapon blueprint ahead of MW3’s full launch.

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