Cities Skylines 2 policies and how to implement them in your city

Cities Skylines 2: Comprehensive Guide on Policies and Their Implementation

Cities Skylines 2 offers a range of policies to enhance and customise your city management experience. These policies are categorized into three main types: city, district, and building policies, each serving different aspects of the game.

City-Wide Policies

Accessing and Implementing Policies

To access city-wide policies, click on the city icon adjacent to the demand graphs, and navigate to the “City Policies” submenu. For district and building policies, select the respective areas on the map.

List of City Policies

City policies require the achievement of specific milestones to unlock. Here’s a detailed look at the available options:

  • Taxi Minimum Fare: Imposes a base charge for taxi rides, added to the fare based on distance. Utilize this to influence taxi usage.
  • Pre-Release Programs: Engages prisoners in educational initiatives before release, aiding in their societal reintegration and decreasing future criminal activity.
  • Advanced Pollution Management: Installs industrial filters to cut air and ground pollution in industrial zones, at the cost of increased garbage production.
  • City Promotion: Boosts city attractiveness through advertising, attracting more tourists and revenue but also potentially raising the crime rate near tourist hotspots.
  • High-Speed Highways: Removes speed limits on highways, enhancing traffic flow but escalating noise pollution and the likelihood of accidents.

District Policies

District policies are manually applied to each district, tailoring the game experience to the unique characteristics of each area.

List of District Policies

  • Energy Consumption Awareness: Encourages reduced electronic device usage, resulting in a 5% decrease in electricity consumption.
  • Recycling: Promotes waste recycling, conserving resources but also reducing residents’ free time.
  • Roadside Parking Fee: Implements a fee for roadside parking, with adjustable rates.
  • Speed Bumps: Decreases vehicle speed within the district, lowering accident rates and noise pollution.
  • Heavy Traffic Ban: Prohibits heavy vehicles from district roads, easing traffic congestion and reducing noise and air pollution. Highways are not affected.
  • Gated Community: Restricts district access to residents and workers, enhancing well-being and reducing crime. City Services are unaffected.
  • Combustion Engine Ban: Bans fuel-burning vehicles unless owned by district residents or local businesses, mitigating noise and air pollution.

Building Policies

For building policies, Cities Skylines 2 includes options such as implementing a Parking Fee, adjustable via a slider.

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