Spider-Man 2 all FNSM app requests and how to complete

Complete Guide: All Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man App Requests in Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 brings back the beloved Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man (FNSM) app, providing you with a variety of side missions across the city. One of these missions, Rooftop Fireworks, is compulsory and will be integrated into the main storyline. Upon completing it, you will unlock five additional missions scattered around the city.

Note: Among these missions is ‘Howard’, a mission revisiting a character from the previous two Spider-Man games. We have already provided a detailed guide on how to assist Howard. Completing ‘Howard’, along with all other FNSM app requests, will reward you with the Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man achievement.

Mission Breakdown

1. Rooftop Fireworks

  • Requirement: Complete as part of the main story.
  • Rewards: Unlocks additional FNSM app requests.

2. Photo Help

  • Location: Find Mina on a rooftop.
  • Objective: Provide Mina with a candid photo of Spider-Man to aid her budding photojournalism career.
  • Challenge: You are on a time limit, reminiscent of Peter Parker’s early days cycling to JJJ to submit his first paper photo. Overcome obstacles like muggings, traffic, and roadworks to reach JJJ in time.
  • Tips: Despite the apparent time limit, there is no actual timer. Take your time to enjoy the ride unless you’re aiming for utmost realism.
  • Outcome: Encourage Mina to develop her unique photography style, rather than emulating Peter Parker. Mina captures an action shot of Spider-Man, concluding the mission.

3. Find Grandpa

  • Location: Meet Tasha in Prospect Park.
  • Objective: Help Tasha locate her Grandfather using an old photograph and various clues around the city.
  • Process:
    1. Follow the map marker to a local zoo.
    2. Use your scanner to find a flower arrangement and a letter addressed to Earl.
    3. Proceed to the botanical garden to find more of Earl’s belongings.
    4. Trace Earl’s path until you find him sitting by a lake, ready to share his story.
  • Conclusion: After Tasha arrives, Spider-Man makes a discreet exit, mission accomplished.

4. Graffiti Trouble

  • Character: Switch to Miles for this mission.
  • Situation: Nikola reports graffiti at the shop, but it’s been beautifully painted over.
  • Objective: Play as Hailey in a flashback, covering up graffiti and solving environmental puzzles.
  • Challenges: Engage in a tricky mini-game involving spray painting. Use L1 and R1 to interact with the environment and solve puzzles.
  • Outcome: Hailey and the original graffiti artist collaborate to create a mural, forming a new friendship. Miles then decides to deliver flowers to kids at a local hospital, wrapping up another FNSM app request.

5. Monster Trouble

  • Location: Astoria, Pete’s old stomping ground.
  • Objective: Investigate Alba’s claims of a wild animal in her yard.
  • Process:
    1. Investigate the trail in the garden using a molecular mini-game to trace the chemical signature of the beast.
    2. Realise that the ‘beast’ is actually a Hunter Beast, a robotic entity.
    3. Subdue the robot and listen to its last memories, revealing a tale of betrayal.
  • Conclusion: After dealing with additional Hunters, introduce Alba to the now-friendly Hunter Beast, concluding the final FNSM app request.


By completing these FNSM app requests, you not only delve deeper into the world of Spider-Man 2, but also unlock the Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man achievement, showcasing your commitment to helping the citizens of New York City. Enjoy your adventures as Spider-Man, and happy web-slinging!

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