Diablo 4 How to beat Duriel - Echo of Duriel Guide

Defeat Duriel in Diablo 4 – Ultimate Echo of Duriel Guide

Diablo 4 introduces a challenging endgame boss, the Echo of Duriel, also referred to as Uber Duriel. This guide is designed to provide you with all the necessary information to not only find and summon this formidable opponent but also strategies to defeat him and claim the impressive rewards he offers.

Locating the Echo of Duriel

Uber Duriel’s Lair: You will find the Echo of Duriel residing in the Gaping Crevasse Dungeon, situated in the southern region of Kehjistan, at the very end of the Southern Expanse. Utilize the Gea Kul waypoint for swift travel to this location.

Required Materials for Summoning

Shards of Agony and Mucus Slick Eggs: These are the two essential items required to summon the Echo of Duriel.

Shards of Agony

  • Source: Defeat Grigoire the Galvanic Saint, another endgame boss.
  • Requirements: Use Living Steel to summon Grigoire.
  • Important Note: Ensure you are on World Tier Torment to guarantee the drop of Shards of Agony. Grigoire will drop one shard upon defeat.

Mucus Slick Eggs

  • Source: Obtainable by defeating the Echo of Varshan.
  • Important Note: As with Grigoire, ensure you are on World Tier Torment and note that only the player who summoned Varshan will receive the Mucus Slick Egg upon defeat. Varshan will drop one egg.

Total Required: You will need two Shards of Agony and two Mucus Slick Eggs, equating to four boss fights before you can summon the Echo of Duriel.

Summoning the Echo of Duriel

Navigate through the Gaping Crevasse Dungeon to locate the Pestilent Altar. Here, you will use the Shards of Agony and Mucus Slick Eggs to summon the Echo of Duriel. Be aware of level 100 enemies within the crevasse, though engaging with them is optional.

Strategies for Defeating the Echo of Duriel

Uber Duriel is a formidable level 100 boss, presenting a significant challenge.


  • Poison Resistance: Increase your poison resistance to mitigate damage from Duriel’s elemental attacks. Socketing Emeralds to your gear is an effective way to do this.
  • Stocking Elixirs: Having a good supply of Elixirs can be beneficial.

Battle Strategies

  • Close Combat: Engaging in melee attacks can result in substantial damage, but be vigilant of Duriel’s charging attack and be ready to dodge.
  • Team Up: If the battle proves too challenging, consider joining forces with other players.

Rewards from the Echo of Duriel

Defeating Uber Duriel rewards players with:

  • Unique Items: Including the possibility of the famed Harlequin Crest.
  • Uber Uniques: Exclusive high-tier loot.
  • Smoldering Brimstone Mount: A special cosmetic item only obtainable through defeating the Echo of Duriel.


With the right preparation and strategies, taking down the Echo of Duriel is an achievable feat, rewarding you with some of the best loot available in Diablo 4. Make sure to check out additional guides, such as the Twisting Blades Rogue guide, to further enhance your gameplay and ensure victory against this potent adversary.

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