Diablo 4 Authentication Pending error - how to fix

Diablo 4 Authentication Pending Error – Quick Fix Guide

Encountering issues with Diablo 4? The notorious “authentication pending” error is locking many players out, particularly during the Season of Blood. But fear not, we’ve got your back with some handy solutions!

Understanding the Issue

The Season of Blood Update

Diablo 4’s latest update, introducing Season 2, has been a bit of a double-edged sword. While it brings exciting new content, it has also been accompanied by frustrating errors, including the dreaded error code 3100010, causing long queues and server errors.

When Does the Error Occur?

The “queued for login authentication pending” error typically appears during your initial login to Diablo 4, primarily due to server congestion. The recent release of the Season of Blood and its corresponding patch from Blizzard have escalated the frequency of this issue.

Steps to Resolve the Issue

1. Restart the Game

Exiting and restarting the game is your first port of call. It might take a couple of tries (and remember to wait around 10 seconds before relaunching), but it’s proven effective for many, including myself.

2. Ensure a Stable Internet Connection

A strong internet connection is vital. Perform a speed test and check your router’s status to ensure everything is running smoothly, regardless of whether you’re gaming on PC or console. Slow login attempts can exacerbate queue times, so this step is crucial.

3. Check Diablo Servers

If all else fails, verify whether the Diablo servers are currently active or if there are ongoing issues. The game’s official Twitter account is a reliable source for real-time updates.

4. Exercise Patience

During peak hours and particularly right after a new season launch, server overloads are common. Sometimes, the best course of action is to wait it out.


Dealing with server errors is never fun, but these steps should help you overcome the “queued for login authentication pending” error and get back to enjoying Diablo 4. Don’t forget to check out our guides for other Diablo errors, such as error code 7 or error code 401003, to ensure a seamless gaming experience. Happy gaming!

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