Diablo 4 A Witness in the Dust Quest Guide – location and how to complete

Diablo 4: Dusty Quest Guide – Find and Finish the Mission

The Season of Blood in Diablo 4 has introduced an abundance of new content, making the gaming experience richer and more thrilling. Among the novelties, we find the seasonal quest ‘A Witness in the Dust,’ a challenging adventure that promises great rewards. This guide aims to provide comprehensive assistance in completing this quest and claiming the enticing rewards that come with it.

Getting Started: Finding the Quest

Pre-requisite Quest

Before embarking on ‘A Witness in the Dust,’ players must complete the ‘Summons of the Deathless’ quest.

Initiating the Quest

To start ‘A Witness in the Dust,’ interact with Erys in the Magistrate’s Office located in Ked Bardu. She will provide the necessary tasks to kickstart your quest.

Quest Walkthrough

Initial Steps

  1. Enter the Fetid Mausoleum: Accompanied by Vampire Hunter Erys, your first objective is to enter the dungeon known as the Fetid Mausoleum.
  2. Locate the Profane Vampire Skull: Inside the dungeon, your goal is to find the Profane Vampire Skull, which is situated next to the boss room, inside a coffin. Interacting with the coffin will reveal the skull.

Important Note: Completion of Chapter 2 of the Season Journey is mandatory to progress further in the quest.

Chapter 2 of the Season Journey: Key Objectives

  • Forsaken Offerings: Acquire 2 Caches from the Tree of Whispers by completing Whispers.
  • Vault Delver: Complete 8 Cellars.
  • Ruins Reclaimed: Conquer a Stronghold.
  • Baptized in Blood: Reach Level 25.
  • Finer Clarity: Upgrade your Potion to Minor at the Alchemist.
  • Path to Strength: Unlock Aspects in the Codex of Power, achievable through dungeon completions.
  • Deliver Us From Evil: Rescue Villagers within the Blood Harvest. This becomes available after completing or skipping the Campaign.
  • Vampire No More: Defeat a Blood Seeker. Available post-campaign.
  • Tides of Blood: Activate a Vampiric Power that requires at least 3 Pacts. Available post-campaign.
  • Contract Reforged: Add or remove Pacts from a piece of armor. Available post-campaign.
  • Bejeweled: Craft a Gem at the Jeweler.

Note: It’s not necessary to complete all the objectives. Progressing through most of them should suffice to unlock Chapter 3 and the subsequent quest steps.

Continuing the Quest

After completing the necessary objectives, return to Erys in Ked Bardu. You will be required to place the Profane Vampire Skull in the Blood Well’s Basin and activate the Blood Well to open a Blood Portal. Proceed through the portal, defeat the Elite Sanguine Magus, and retrieve the Ascended Blood Seekers Tome. Bring the tome back to Erys, investigate it together, and the quest will be concluded, paving the way to the next mission in Season 2’s questline.

Quest Rewards

Your efforts in completing ‘A Witness in the Dust’ will be generously rewarded with:

  • Gold
  • Experience Points
  • Vampiric Power
  • A special Pact of Ferocity, which can be fused into Vampiric Pact Armor.

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