Diablo 4 "start game pending" error - how to fix

Diablo 4 “Start Game Pending” Error – Quick Fix Guide

Diablo 4, the latest installation in the acclaimed gaming series, has introduced a range of exciting elements for players. However, some users have experienced challenges, particularly with the “start game pending” error. This guide aims to provide comprehensive insights and solutions to help gamers overcome this issue and enhance their gaming experience.

Overview of Diablo 4’s Gameplay Mechanics

Diablo 4 is a live service, online-only game, necessitating a constant internet connection to interact with Blizzard servers. While this ensures a seamless multiplayer experience, it has its drawbacks, especially for those who prefer the single-player aspect of the game. The lack of an offline mode, coupled with server issues and extended queue times, can at times hinder access to the game.

The “Start Game Pending” Error

A prevalent issue that gamers face is the “start game pending” error, arising when the game’s entry queues are at capacity. This article delves into potential solutions to resolve this error and improve your gaming experience.

Steps to Resolve the “Start Game Pending” Error

1. Restart Your Platform

Blizzard has released a recent update for Season 2, inadvertently leading to access issues for the game. Players have found success in resolving the “start game pending” error by performing a quick system restart. This solution is applicable across different consoles, showcasing its versatility.

2. Maintain Game Open and Monitor Queue Position

Keeping the game active and closely monitoring your position in the queue can also prove beneficial. Some users have reported that patiently waiting resolves the issue, allowing them to re-access the game.

Addressing the Underlying Issues

The launch of Diablo 4 has been rife with challenges, including networking troubles, server overload, and lengthy wait times. While Blizzard has consistently addressed these issues, the online-only nature of the game seems to be at the core of these problems. Players are left hoping for a future update that introduces an offline mode, although this seems unlikely in the near term.

Network Reset: A Potential Solution

For persistent issues not faced by other players, a network reset could help identify or resolve the problem, although success is not guaranteed. Ultimately, a more substantial solution rests with Blizzard, necessitating an expansion of server capacity to accommodate the player base.


While Diablo 4 offers a captivating gaming experience, the “start game pending” error has been a stumbling block for many. By restarting your gaming platform, keeping the game open, and patiently waiting in the queue, you stand a good chance of overcoming this issue. Yet, the resolution of broader server and connectivity issues hinges on Blizzard’s actions, with the gaming community hopeful for long-term solutions that enhance accessibility and playability.

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