How to complete A Serpent Cornered quest in Diablo 4

Diablo 4: Unraveling Season 2’s “A Serpent Cornered” Quest

The second season of Diablo 4, aptly named the Season of Blood, introduces a plethora of new challenges and quests for players. These quests are crucial as they allow players to progress through the story while accumulating valuable experience points. A unique feature of this season is the availability of special vampiric armor pacts through various quests.

Navigating the City of the Ancients

Starting the Quest

“A Serpent Cornered” becomes available right after completing the “Battle of Fear and Faith” quest, located in the Magistrate’s Office in Ked Bardu. Erys, a crucial NPC for this quest, will be waiting for you at the City of the Ancients.

Locating the City

To proceed, check your map for “The Darkened Way” and follow the quest marker, if available. Due to a prevalent bug, some players might not see the location marker. Nevertheless, the City of the Ancients can be found in the Fractured Peaks, at the northern extremity of Gale Valley.

Upon reaching the location, meet Erys outside the City of Ancients. She will unlock the door to the dungeon, signaling the start of the next quest phase.

Completing the City of the Ancients Quest

Navigating the Courts of Dawn

The primary objective now is to conquer the Courts of Dawn dungeon and face Lord Zir. The dungeon is filled with Bone Thralls and Vampires, which pose a moderate threat. Two elite foes, Onroe of the Ancients and Tidao of the Ancients, also lurk in the dungeon. It is advisable to clear the room of other enemies before engaging these mini-bosses to avoid unnecessary distractions.

The dungeon layout is linear, making navigation straightforward. However, remain vigilant for Lord Zir’s blood orbs, which will persistently follow you and launch sporadic attacks. These orbs are indestructible, and your best strategy is to dodge their attacks.

Confronting Lord Zir

Lord Zir awaits at the dungeon’s end, situated at the Sanguine Throne. This boss battle is notably challenging, requiring players to stay alert and strategic. Avoid the pools of blood summoned by Lord Zir, as they deal substantial damage. Maintaining a safe distance and utilizing long-ranged attacks will prove beneficial, especially since Lord Zir will summon Blood Seekers and employ melee attacks during the battle.

Quest Rewards

Triumph over Lord Zir yields a generous loot pool, including Legendary and Rare gear, experience points, two random Pact items, the rare Lord Zir’s Amulet, and the Metamorphosis Vampiric Power.

“A Serpent Cornered” is a multifaceted quest, filled with challenges and rewarding loot. Utilize this guide to navigate through the quest efficiently and check out the Whirlwind Barbarian build guide to prepare for all that Season 2 has in store.

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