All Enemies in Below the Stone: Full Bestiary List

Exploring the Caves: A Guide to Below the Stone Enemies

Discovering the Depths

In the immersive world of Below the Stone, adventurers like you are bound to face a myriad of underground adversaries. It’s crucial to arm yourself with not just weapons, but also knowledge. Herein lies a comprehensive Bestiary List—your key to conquering the depths.

Bestiary Contents and Strategy

The Bestiary is a living document, expanding as your journey unfolds. Below, I share valuable insights into each enemy, their behaviors, and strategies to defeat them.

Gallery of the Bestiary

Chronologically catalogued, this gallery showcases the foes vanquished in their respective orders.

Cave Troll

  • Encounters: Common within the Troll/Kobold cities.
  • Weaknesses: Susceptible to ranged attacks and environmental tactics.
  • Signature Moves:
    • Area of Effect (AoE) stomp
    • Unstoppable projectiles
    • Melee club bash
  • Survival Tips:
    • Maintain health above 60 to withstand sudden strikes.
    • Utilize dynamite and spider potions for heavy damage.
    • Retreat to regroup if overwhelmed, remembering your coordinates.
    • Gloweed and Purple Mushrooms enhance visibility for preemptive strikes.

Small Green Slime

  • Behavior: Spawns Medium and Small Green Slimes upon defeat.
  • Combat: Prepare for an extended battle due to multiplying slimes.

Ore Eater

  • Disposition: Non-hostile but retaliates if attacked.
  • Loot: Defeating it yields a bounty of ores.

Skeleton Warrior

  • Tactics: Engages in direct melee combat.


  • Movement: Fast and erratic, posing a risk of accidental harm.
  • Strategy: Beware of their flight path to avoid surprise attacks.

Armed with this information, your expeditions into the subterranean realms of Below the Stone will be met with preparedness and confidence. Remember, vigilance is as mighty a weapon as the sword you wield.

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