FC 24 Wonderkid RW - Top 10 right winger teenagers with the highest potential

FC 24 Wonderkid RW – Top 10 Teen Right Wingers with Massive Potential

Wingers are the lifeblood of exciting football, injecting pace and flair into the game. In FC 24 Career Mode, discovering and nurturing the next generation of wonderkid right-wingers (RW) can be the key to crafting your own footballing narrative. Join us as we explore the top wonderkid RW and RM (right-midfield) players in FC 24 Career Mode.

FC 24 Wonderkid RW Top 10

Here’s a list of the top 10 FC 24 wonderkid RW players:

Carlos ForbsAjax19£4.7M7286
Ernest NuamahLyon (on loan from Molenbeek)19£4.7M7286
AngeloStrasbourg (on loan from Chelsea)18£3M6986
Roony BardghjiKobenhavn17£3.1M7085
Abdul Fatawu IssahakuLeicester City (on loan from Sporting)19£3.2M7085
Gianluca PrestianniVelez Sarsfield17£3M6985
Ben DoakLiverpool17£1.3M6385
Luka RomeroAC Milan18£2.7M6984
Yankuba MintehFeyenoord (on loan from Newcastle United)18£2.6M6884
Adrian MaziluSSC Farul17£2.1M6784

The Pinnacle of Wonderkid RWs

Wingers must deliver assists and goals consistently, blending pace, skill, playmaking, and precision. The search for such talents in FC 24 Career Mode can be expensive, making the development of wonderkids an attractive option.

In our classification, wonderkids are teenagers at the start of your FC 24 Career Mode save with a base position of RW or RM.

Carlos Forbs – 86 Potential

Ajax’s production line of young talents keeps delivering, and Carlos Forbs is no exception. The Portuguese winger boasts blistering speed, a nightmare for any defender. His exceptional dribbling, agility, and balance make him a player who can turn defenders inside out.

Ernest Nuamah – 86 Potential

Currently on loan at Lyon, Ernest Nuamah is a must-have on your shortlist. Like Carlos Forbs, he possesses electrifying pace and exceptional dribbling, ball control, agility, and balance. With four-star skill moves, he can mesmerize the opposition with his tricks.

Angelo – 86 Potential

Yet another loanee, Chelsea’s Angelo, is currently shining at Strasbourg. A Brazilian winger, he’s a player who can make any defence anxious with his blistering speed.

Roony Bardghji – 85 Potential

Roony Bardghji recently made headlines by winning a penalty shootout with a panenka in a Champions League qualifying round! This showcases his composure and nerves of steel. EA believes he has the potential to become an elite player. While he’s already agile and possesses decent dribbling, his passing skills need some improvement.

Ben Doak – 85 Potential

Replacing Mohamed Salah at Liverpool’s RW spot won’t be easy, but can Ben Doak step up to the challenge? The Scottish youngster has the pace required for wide play, but he’ll need to spend time on the training ground to enhance his technical abilities.

In FC 24 Career Mode, these wonderkid RWs promise excitement and potential. Invest wisely, develop their skills, and watch them become the stars of tomorrow on the virtual football pitch.

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