Find Pokemon Indigo Disk Raging Bolt – The Ultimate Location Guide!

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Are you wondering how to catch Raging Bolt in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet The Indigo Disk DLC? This new Paradox Pokemon is hiding out in Area Zero but you can’t find it right away. You have to put in a lot of work to obtain this Pokemon.

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More and more Paradox Pokemon are appearing and it is up to you to catch them all. Here is how to catch Raging Bolt in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How to catch Raging Bolt in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet The Indigo Disk DLC

Before going forward, it is important to note that Raging Bolt is a Pokemon Scarlet exclusive Pokemon. You cannot catch this Pokemon in Pokemon Violet.

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To obtain Raging Bolt, you need to complete Perrin’s Quest. Perrin is the photographer from the Teal Mask DLC that can be found outside of the first village in Kitakami. If you have completed her quest from the Teal Mask DLC, she will appear in the Blueberry Academy Terarium and tell you to catch all of the Pokemon in the Blueberry Pokedex. That is over 200 Pokemon that need to be caught.

Once you have done this, talk to Perrin near the entrance to the Terarium and she will show you images of where the new Paradox Pokémon are hidden in Area Zero in Paldea.

Raging Bolt Location

To find Raging Bolt, head to Zero Gate in Paldea. From there, go through to the start of Area Zero. Don’t use the teleporter to teleport to a research station. Once you enter Area Zero, go forward and jump over the railing in front of you.

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After jumping the railing, look left to find a large waterfall flowing into a hole. Use Koraidon’s fly ability to go down the hole. At the bottom of the waterfall is where you will find Raging Bolt.

How to catch Raging Bolt

Interact with Raging Bolt to start a battle against it. Raging Bolt is an electric and dragon-type Pokemon. Because of this, you will want to bring a fairy or ground-type Pokemon to deal damage to it. Preferably, bring a ground type to avoid getting damaged by its electric moves.

Raging Bolt is affected by normal-type moves so make sure your Pokemon knows the move False Swipe. This will help prevent you from accidentally making the Pokemon faint during battle. If you plan on using a Master Ball to catch it then you don’t need to worry.

Strengths and weaknesses

Since Raging Bolt is a dragon and electric-type Pokemon, it is weak to ground, dragon, ice, and fairy-type moves. It is resistant to fire, water, electric, grass, flying, and steel-type moves. This Pokemon does not have any immunities.

Raging Bolt stats and abilities

Raging Bolt has the following stats:

Stats Total
HP 125
Attack 73
Defense 91
Sp. Attack 137
Sp. Defense 89
Speed 75

Raging Bolt has the following abilities:

  • Protosynthesis – Increases the user’s highest stat by 30% while Sunny Day is active

That is everything you need to know about Raging Bolt in Pokemon Indigo Disk. Make sure to check out the Pokemon Indigo Disk Fossil Pokemon. You can also check out how to get the Mark Charm in Pokemon Indigo Disk.

Pokemon Indigo Disk Raging Bolt – FAQ

Where can you find Raging Bolt in Pokemon Indigo Disk?

Raging Bolt is located at the base of the waterfall near the entrance to Area Zero. You can only catch this Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet.

What are Raging Bolt’s weaknesses in Pokemon Indigo Disk?

Raging Bolt is weak to ice, dragon, and fairy-type moves.

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