Diablo 4 How to complete Battle of Fear and Faith Season 2 quest

How to Complete the Battle of Fear and Faith Quest in Diablo 4’s Season of Blood

Diablo 4’s Season of Blood introduces a thrilling questline called the Battle of Fear and Faith, where you can play a crucial role in thwarting the vampire uprising that threatens to conquer Sanctuary. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps needed to successfully complete this quest and reap the rewards it offers.

Where to Find Battle of Fear and Faith

To initiate the Battle of Fear and Faith quest, seek out Erys, who can be found in Kyovashad near the Cathedral, rather than the Magistrate’s Office. Erys will provide you with the quest when you engage with her.

How to Complete Battle of Fear and Faith in Diablo 4 Season 2

Once you’ve accepted the quest from Erys, you’ll be tasked with two objectives:

1. Seek out and stop the Blood Harvest

Locating a Blood Harvest is relatively straightforward. Check your map to identify the area marked in green, which signifies the presence of a Blood Harvest. Unlike Helltides, there is always one active Blood Harvest on Sanctuary, eliminating the need for any waiting.

Upon reaching the area, engage in combat with the enemies and fulfill various objectives to fill the quest progression bar. Once you’ve completed enough, the objective will be marked as complete. You can refer to our comprehensive Blood Harvest event guide for a more detailed explanation, but you can essentially visit the area and eliminate enemies to progress.

2. Complete Chapter 3 of Season Journey

For those seeking a more challenging route, completing the third chapter of the Season Journey is an option. This chapter consists of several objectives:

  • Grim Claim: Obtain five Caches from the Tree of Whispers by completing Whispers.
  • Champion of the Lost: Conquer three Strongholds.
  • Wonders Distilled: Craft Elixirs of any type at the Alchemist.
  • Touching the Eternal: Unlock Aspects in the Codex of Power, such as through completing Dungeons.
  • Exceptional Potency: Upgrade your Potion to Light at the Alchemist.
  • Novice Reaper: Reach Reputation level three in the Blood Harvest, available after completing or skipping the Campaign.
  • Lancing Boils: Destroy Blood Blisters within the Blood Harvest, available after completing or skipping the Campaign.
  • Ascending Darkness: Upgrade a Vampiric Power to level two by consuming Potent Blood, available after completing or skipping the Campaign.
  • Sought Out: Defeat Blood Seekers, available after completing or skipping the Campaign.
  • Therapeutic: Purify Seeds of Hatred in Hostile areas.
  • Susurration: Open a Silent Chest, found randomly in Sanctuary, with a Whispering Key from the Purveyor of Curiosities.
  • The Father’s Gate: Complete the Cathedral of Light to unlock the Nightmare World Tier.
  • Potent Vows: Equip a piece of armor with five Pacts engraved on it.

Continue completing these objectives until the progress bar is filled. Once you’ve achieved a sufficient number of objectives, you will unlock Chapter 4 of the Season 2 Journey and progress further in the quest.

Battle of Fear and Faith Quest Rewards

Upon successful completion of the tasks, return to the Magistrate’s Office in Ked Bardu, where you’ll encounter Erys once again. Hand in the completed quest to receive a generous assortment of rewards, including:

  • Blood Magus Gloves
  • Potent Blood Cache
  • Pact Item
  • The coveted Moonrise Vampiric Power

With these rewards, you’ll be well-prepared for your next challenge, as you prepare to confront Lord Zir himself in the forthcoming A Serpent Cornered quest.

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