Lords of the Fallen - How to beat Scourged Sister Delyth

How to Conquer Scourged Sister Delyth in Lords of the Fallen

Encountering Scourged Sister Delyth early in Lords of the Fallen can be a challenging experience due to her unique mechanics and resistance to damage. With a combination of swift combos and immunity during certain phases, Delyth requires a strategic approach to defeat. This guide aims to provide comprehensive advice on how to overcome this formidable adversary.

Locating Scourged Sister Delyth

Scourged Sister Delyth awaits players in Pilgrim’s Perch, just beyond the Skyrest Bridge. The nearest point of reference is the Vestige of Chabui. Ensuring you are adequately prepared for the battle is essential, and this includes upgrading your Sanguinarix and selecting the most effective weapons for the task.

Combat Strategy for Scourged Sister Delyth

Understanding Delyth’s Attacks

1. Swing:

  • Description: A horizontal flail swing, often executed in rapid succession.
  • Counter: Maintain distance and dodge backward until her onslaught concludes. Parrying is also a viable option.

2. Overhead Slam:

  • Description: A powerful, downward flail strike.
  • Counter: Sidestep or parry to avoid damage.

3. Uppercut:

  • Description: An upward flail swing.
  • Counter: Dodge to the side or parry.

4. Kick:

  • Description: A forward kick.
  • Counter: Dodge to the side.

5. Charged Lunge:

  • Description: A rapid forward lunge with her flail.
  • Counter: Dodge to the side.

6. Bleed Tornado:

  • Description: Summons a forward-moving tornado that causes bleeding.
  • Counter: Move to the side to evade its path.

Defeating the Scourged Sister

Upon entering the boss arena, eliminate the two enemies on the left before focusing on Delyth. She will be positioned at the bottom of the stairs with a blue health bar, indicating her protection by a parasite. Address this by either destroying the parasite using your Umbral Lamp or luring Delyth away from its range.

In her initial phase, Delyth is less effective at long-range, so utilise this by attacking from a distance to maintain control. As her health depletes to half, she will enter her second phase, becoming more aggressive and adopting a yellow orb around her head.

If the parasite is still intact, this phase transition provides an opportunity to destroy it; however, this is not mandatory if you’ve successfully drawn Delyth away. Utilise the red orbs at the base of the stairs for additional damage, and remain vigilant to her increased attack frequency, seizing opportunities to strike without becoming overly ambitious.

Delyth will also introduce bleed tornadoes that explode upon impact during this phase. These can be interrupted with throwables or magic if necessary.

Rewards for Victory

Defeating Scourged Sister Delyth yields:

  • Vestige Seed
  • Scourged Sister Armor Set Pieces
  • Scourged Sister Garb
  • Scourged Sister Arm Wrappings
  • Scourged Sister Leg Wrappings
  • Scourged Sister Helm
  • Scourged Sister Flail

Exploiting Delyth’s Vulnerabilities

Scourged Sister Delyth is notably weak to holy damage, with no apparent resistances. However, while NPC allies are not available for this battle, player allies can be summoned for assistance.


Scourged Sister Delyth presents a formidable challenge, especially for those new to the Lords of the Fallen universe. However, with the right preparation and a strategic approach, she can be defeated, paving the way for further adventures and conquests in this dark and enthralling world.

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