Is Valorant Available on Xbox ? An Overview

Valorant on Xbox: The Current Status

Valorant, with its impressive visuals, remains a sought-after FPS game. Console players are keen to dive in on their systems. Here’s what you need to know about its availability:

  • Can You Play Valorant on Xbox?
    Unfortunately, the answer is no. Valorant is not on Xbox or PlayStation, available only on PC. However, the game has made its way to the Xbox PC Game Pass catalog, sparking speculation about future console availability.
  • Game Pass Benefits for Valorant Players
    Despite being free-to-play, a Game Pass subscription on the Xbox app provides full access to all agents and a 20% XP boost for Battle Pass and Event progress.

Valorant’s Console Journey: Speculations and Facts

  • Console Release Speculation
    Although Riot Games has not confirmed a console release, the presence of Valorant in the Game Pass suggests a potential expansion. The hiring of a Senior Software Engineer for Valorant console development further fuels these rumors.
  • The Reality of a Console Version
    As of now, no console version is forthcoming. A previous leak suggesting a port proved to be unreliable. We recommend staying tuned for official announcements from Riot Games.

Playing Valorant Today

While the console question hangs in the air, PC players can still enjoy Valorant. Here are some quick FAQs:

  • Is Valorant Free on PC?
    Yes, it is available at no cost on the Riot Client or through Game Pass (subscription needed).
  • Mobile Version Availability
    Currently, there is no mobile version of Valorant.

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