Madden 24 Best Rookie Ratings - Top newcomers ranked

Madden 24 Rookie Ratings


One of the most exciting aspects for NFL fans every season is the release of Madden ratings for the new rookie class. Madden 24 is no exception, and it has provided us with a glimpse of how these newcomers are rated before they even step onto an NFL field. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the standout rookies and their Madden 24 ratings.

The Madden 24 Release

Before we delve into the rookie ratings, it’s essential to note that Madden 24 has already been released, and players are eager to know which rookies will make an impact in the game.

Top-Rated Rookies

Bijan Robinson – 85 Overall

Bijan Robinson, the running back for the Atlanta Falcons, is making waves in Madden 24 with an impressive overall rating of 85. Despite being a top-10 draft pick, he’s exceeded expectations with his performance. Robinson is known for his ability to turn any touch of the ball into a potential highlight reel play, making him one of the highest-rated rookies in 2023.

Devon Witherspoon – 83 Overall

The Seattle Seahawks chose Devon Witherspoon as their top pick, and it’s paying off well with an overall rating of 83. Witherspoon has displayed exceptional skills as a rookie corner, often intercepting passes and shutting down his opponents. He’s a strong contender for the Defensive Rookie of the Year award.

Zay Flowers – 82 Overall

The Baltimore Ravens have struggled to find a reliable wide receiver through the draft, but they might have struck gold with Zay Flowers. Despite occasional issues with dropped passes, Flowers has an impressive overall rating of 82. He is currently the top-rated rookie wide receiver in a competitive class.

Jahmyr Gibbs – 79 Overall

The Detroit Lions surprised many by picking Jahmyr Gibbs early in the draft. However, Gibbs has proven that his talent is no surprise. Although he doesn’t receive as many touches as some other rookies, he has shown the ability to make big plays whenever he gets the ball. With continued opportunities, his overall rating of 79 is likely to rise.

CJ Stroud – 77 Overall

C.J. Stroud, the quarterback for the Houston Texans, started with a lower rating than the number one overall pick Bryce Young. However, Stroud has been outstanding, leading the Texans to a turnaround. He currently boasts an overall rating of 77 and has the potential for further improvement.


Madden 24 has introduced us to a promising group of rookies who are already making their mark in the NFL. These ratings provide a glimpse into the potential impact they may have on the virtual gridiron, and fans are eager to see how their careers unfold. Keep an eye on these talented newcomers as they aim to leave their mark in the league.

Note: Madden 24 ratings are subject to change based on in-game performance and updates.

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