Mind-Blowing Skull and Bones Beta: Unveiling Epic Co-op Player Count!

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How many players in co-op in Skull and Bones?

Players and able to join up in groups of three per ship in the Skull and Bones Open Beta. This means yourself, and two other players. These players can be friends, or randoms you meet and link up with.

You and your two friends are able to command a ship together and take on the various contracts and objectives the high seas have to offer.

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As you can see in the Social tab, you’ll see that you’re able to invite or have up to two other players in your group. Once your group is full, you won’t be able to invite any more without a group member leaving.

Better together

Since Skull and Bones doesn’t have a single-player campaign, it’s highly recommended to stick with friends for the majority of your playthrough. The high seas are much less dangerous when you have a good crew.

Skull and Bones ship capacity

Unfortunately, three is the maximum amount of players in a group. If you have more friends that you’d like to link up with, you’ll need to leave your current group or they need to find a group of their own.

If you aren’t in a group with a player, you won’t be able to sail a ship together. While other players can appear in the same world as you, they won’t be on your vessel. They can even attack you.

You are not limited to only staying in one group for your Skull and Bones playthrough, though. You can join other crews at any time.

That’s everything you need to know about how many players in a single ship in Skull and Bones. Be sure to check out how to disembark from your ship so you can meet new players to group up with and take on Skull and Bones with.

Skull and Bones how many players FAQs

Can you invite more than three players to your group in Skull and Bones?

No, three is the limit of the group size. You can’t invite any more players. There is no way to join a player’s world without joining their group.

Do you have to play with the same group in Skull and Bones?

No, you’re able to make progress with any group, and even solo. You can join other pirate crews at any time.

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