How to fix no pedestrian access in Cities Skylines 2 and improve city walkability

Resolving the “No Pedestrian Access” Bug in Cities Skylines 2


Cities Skylines 2 is a beloved city-building game, but like any complex simulation, it can sometimes present players with frustrating bugs. One such issue is the “No Pedestrian Access” bug, which can hinder the flow of your virtual city. In this guide, we’ll show you how to tackle this problem efficiently.

Method 1: Adding New Roads

One of the most common solutions to the “No Pedestrian Access” bug is to add new roads to buildings. Even when it seems like a structure has clear road access, this bug can persist. To resolve it, follow these steps:

  1. Identify Affected Buildings: First, identify the buildings in your city experiencing the “No Pedestrian Access” issue.
  2. Add New Roads: Try adding new roads directly to these buildings. This can often clear the bug and ensure pedestrian access.
  3. Cost Considerations: Keep in mind that this method may come at a cost. Deleting and replacing buildings doesn’t refund the entire construction cost. However, it is a quick and effective fix for various building types.

Method 2: Altering Road Elevation

Some players have reported success in resolving the “No Pedestrian Access” bug by altering the road elevation. While this method may not work for all situations, it’s worth a try if you’re facing this issue:

  1. Select Affected Roads: Identify the roads causing the “No Pedestrian Access” problem.
  2. Adjust Road Elevation: Experiment with altering the elevation of these roads. Sometimes, even a slight modification can restore pedestrian access.

Method 3: Addressing “No Car Access”

Similar to the “No Pedestrian Access” bug, the game may also present a “No Car Access” issue. You can resolve it using a similar approach:

  1. Identify Affected Areas: Locate the areas in your city where cars are unable to access due to this bug.
  2. Apply Solutions: Implement the methods mentioned above, such as adding new roads or altering road elevation, to enable car access.

Method 4: Ensuring Railroad Access

For buildings that require rail access, it’s crucial to address the “No Railroad Access” bug:

  1. Connect Rails: Ensure that you have a functioning rail connection to the affected buildings. This will resolve the “No Railroad Access” problem and ensure the smooth operation of transportation in your city.


A well-functioning transportation system is vital in Cities Skylines 2, and addressing bugs like “No Pedestrian Access” and similar issues is crucial for your city’s success. By following the methods outlined in this guide, you can keep your virtual city running smoothly.

For more tips and tricks on Cities Skylines 2, consider exploring our Cities Skylines 2 beginners guide. And remember, if you’re eager to play the game on PC, you can start right away. For Xbox and PS5 players, the wait for Cities Skylines 2 extends until 2024.

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