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Riders in the Storm: A Guide to Defeating the Stormcaller in MW3 Zombies

Finding the Stormcaller

The Stormcaller poses a significant challenge in the Zombies mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Recognizable as an enhanced version of the Disciple enemy, it floats about, draining health from other entities. Spotting the Stormcaller is the first step to victory. You’ll find it within the Aether Storm, demarcated on your map by a purple circle and a radioactive symbol. To avoid unnecessary exposure and preserve your gas mask, a vehicle is your best bet for a speedy find. Remember to initiate your search when the storm is at its weakest, indicated by the low tier threat zone, to ensure the zombies are less formidable.

Defeating the Stormcaller: The Tactical Approach

Bullet Strategy

Utilizing firepower is a straightforward yet time-consuming method, ideal for a coordinated team. To execute:

  • Position yourselves on the storm’s periphery.
  • Engage from a distance as the Stormcaller stays central.
  • Arm yourself with a level 2 or 3 Pack-a-Punch upgraded weapon.
  • Support your assault with an Ammo Mod, Sentry Gun, and decoy grenades.
  • Ensure to transfer Sentry Guns into the storm before the Stormcaller’s demise to complete the Closing Time mission.

Blood Burner Motorcycle Technique

Alternatively, the Blood Burner motorcycle and its Aether Pulse ability can deliver a decisive one-shot elimination. To charge the ability:

  • Traverse the terrain, running over zombies.
  • Approach the Stormcaller and unleash the Aether Pulse.

However, this motorcycle appears randomly on the map and is invisible on the minimap unless in proximity, which can be a time-consuming hunt.

Key Tips

  • Avoid close encounters: The Stormcaller leaches health, so maintain your distance.
  • Watch for lightning bolts: If you spot a bolt symbol, evade the impending strike.
  • Ammo and supplies: Have your weapons and utilities ready for the onslaught of zombies.

Note: The Blood Burner motorcycle is a hit-or-miss strategy due to its random spawn nature and the additional time required to locate it.

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