EA FC 24 Best Young CM - Top 10 under-23 center midfielders ranked

Top 10 Under-23 CMs – EA FC 24’s Ultimate Young Center Midfielders Rankings

In the vibrant and competitive world of EA FC 24, pinpointing the right talent for your Career Mode squad is pivotal. This guide spotlights the top 10 young and promising Center Midfielders (CM) who have received substantial upgrades and are set to rule the midfield in the upcoming seasons.

Meet the Rising Stars of FC 24

  1. Jude Bellingham – Real Madrid
    • Age: 20, Value: £95.2M, Overall: 87, Potential: 91

    Bellingham, being a top-notch midfielder, is not only versatile but also a strategic asset to Real Madrid. His commendable athleticism and skillset make him a desirable choice for any team, predicting a soaring market value in the future.

  2. Pedri – Barcelona
    • Age: 20, Value: £89.3M, Overall: 86, Potential: 92

    Boasting excellent dribbling and passing skills, Pedri makes for an influential player, particularly in orchestrating attacking plays. His trajectory points towards becoming one of the elites in the game.

  3. Gavi – Barcelona
    • Age: 18, Value: £58.2M, Overall: 83, Potential: 90

    Gavi’s aptitude in versatile midfield roles, coupled with his potential defensive prowess through training, earmarks him as a midfield stalwart for years to come.

  4. Enzo Fernandez – Chelsea
    • Age: 22, Value: £49.3M, Overall: 83, Potential: 89

    Fernandez is poised to bring dynamism to Chelsea’s midfield, contributing both strength and speed. He will undoubtedly be integral in the post-Kante era.

  5. Orkun Kokcu – Benfica (Age: 22, Value: £37.4M, Overall: 82, Potential: 86)
  6. Vitinha – PSG (Age: 23, Value: £25.5M, Overall: 80, Potential: 84)
  7. Davide Frattesi – Inter (on loan from) (Age: 23, Value: £26.8M, Overall: 80, Potential: 85)
  8. Ryan Gravenberch – Liverpool (Age: 21, Value: £33.6M, Overall: 79, Potential: 87)
  9. Khephren Thuram – Nice (Age: 22, Value: £23M, Overall: 79, Potential: 84)
  10. Gabri Veiga – Al Ahli (Age: 21, Value: £26.8M, Overall: 78, Potential: 89)
  11. Andre Almeida – Valencia (Age: 23, Value: £18.7M, Overall: 78, Potential: 84)

Diving Deeper into Talent

  • Jude Bellingham

    A name synonymous with midfield dominance, Bellingham, already acclaimed as one of the best in his role, is predicted to witness a rising trajectory in both value and skill. A prudent acquisition for any manager eyeing long-term impact.

  • Pedri

    Pedri, renowned for his masterful dribbling and strategic passes, is anticipated to scale the heights and be among the top-tier players in the future.

  • Gavi

    Gavi, with his multifaceted midfield capabilities, assures not just current proficiency but is also a promise for a dominant future in the sport.

Additional Recommendations and Insights

For managers keen on exploring further, EA provides comprehensive lists of Best CMs and Wonderkid CMs in FC 24, ensuring a plethora of options to sculpt the perfect midfield for your team.

Get Acquainted with FC 24

EA FC 24 not only brings to you a plethora of young talents but also ensures a vibrant gaming experience, featuring your favored game modes, myriad licenses, diverse leagues, and authentic stadiums. The revamped crossplay system embedded in FC 24 Clubs guarantees a seamless play across platforms, letting you team up with friends without platform boundaries.

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