UFC 5 - How to flying knee

UFC 5 – Master the Flying Knee: The Ultimate Guide!

Delivering a flying knee in UFC 5 can turn the tide of a fight and give players a satisfying victory. EA Sports’ latest release, UFC 5, continues to feature this fan-favourite finisher, making it a crucial move for players to master. However, not all fighters in the game have the capability to execute this move effectively. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of how to perform a flying knee, ensuring you have all the knowledge needed to dominate in the octagon.

Selecting the Right Fighter

Importance of Fighter Ratings: Before attempting a flying knee, check the UFC 5 ratings to identify fighters with high agility and power, as these attributes are key to executing the move successfully.

Executing the Flying Knee

Standard Flying Knee

Jorge Masvidal’s Legacy: Referencing Jorge Masvidal’s record-breaking KO of Ben Askren, the flying knee is highlighted as a potential fight ender.

Switching Up Your Strategy: This move is perfect for players looking to diversify their attack, moving away from traditional strikes to the head and body.

How to Perform:

  • PlayStation: Hold R2 & L1 & tap X
  • Xbox: Hold RT & LB & tap A

Lead Flying Knee

Utilizing the Leading Leg: For a variation using the leading leg:

  • PlayStation: Hold R2 & tap circle
  • Xbox: Hold RT & tap B

Close-Range or Distance: Both flying knee manoeuvres can be executed from close range or at a distance.

Practice for Perfection: To maximize your success rate, engage in practice matches to find the perfect timing and distance for your chosen fighter.


Mastering the flying knee in UFC 5 requires selecting the right fighter and practice. With the guidelines provided, you’ll be well on your way to executing this spectacular move, adding a show-stopping element to your gameplay. Remember, the key to success lies in agility, power, and practice. So, step into the octagon and deliver that flying knee with confidence!

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