Diablo 4 Shifting City Dungeon Guide and Location

Ultimate Diablo 4 Dungeon Guide: Shifting City Locations!

Navigating the dungeons in Diablo 4 is crucial for both progressing through the main storyline and optimizing your endgame experience. Among the numerous dungeons available, the Shifting City stands out as a particularly rewarding yet daunting challenge. This guide aims to demystify the dungeon, providing you with all the essential information to conquer it and reap its rewards.

Location of the Shifting City Dungeon

The Shifting City dungeon is strategically situated in the Qara Yisu area of the Dry Steppes Region in Sanctuary. To access it, head directly North from the Ruins of Qara-Yisu stronghold, which you need to clear beforehand. Successfully purging Qara Yisu of its nefarious entities will also grant you a waypoint, facilitating swift travel back to this location.

The Shifting City location on the Diablo 4 map.

Navigating Through the Dungeon

Upon entering the Shifting City, your initial task involves returning two Ancients Statues to a designated pedestal. Bear in mind that you can only carry one statue at a time, so prioritize completing one statue’s journey before embarking on the second.

Progressing forward, you will encounter a wave of Fallen enemies, which you must vanquish to access the Ruins of Anguish. In this area, seek out the three Animus Carriers – elite enemies marked by a skull icon on your mini-map. Eliminate them, collect their Animus, and proceed to deposit these materials in the Animus Urn. This action will unveil the sealed door, leading you to the dungeon’s boss fight. Remember to rejuvenate at the healing well before diving into this intense battle.

Confronting the Tomb Lord

The dungeon’s formidable boss, the Tomb Lord, demands strategic combat. His arsenal includes orbs transforming into tornadoes and summonable bone walls capable of explosive damage. To counter these threats:

  1. Maintain a safe distance from the Tomb Lord.
  2. Use teleportation skills to evade the bone walls.
  3. Swiftly eliminate any summoned skeleton mages.
  4. Consistently move to dodge attacks while utilizing your distance attacks.

Victory against the Tomb Lord signifies the completion of the Shifting City dungeon.

Rewards from the Shifting City Dungeon

Conquering the Shifting City Dungeon yields an array of rewards, including Gold, Experience, and the coveted Ravenous Aspect for the Rogue class, which you’ll find in your Codex of Power. This Legendary Aspect significantly enhances your Energy Regeneration upon defeating a Vulnerable enemy, making it a valuable asset for your in-game journey.

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