Cities Skylines 2 garbage guide - keep your streets clean in three steps

Ultimate Guide to Keeping Streets Clean in Cities Skylines 2 – 3 Simple Steps

Maintaining cleanliness in both the skies and neighborhoods of your city in Cities Skylines 2 is crucial for fostering growth and ensuring the happiness of your citizens. Citizen happiness plays a pivotal role in the development of your settlement, and our review of Cities Skylines 2 delves deep into the various systems that influence this key factor. In this guide, we will specifically focus on how to effectively manage air pollution and garbage disposal to attract more residents and thrive.

Strategies for Garbage Disposal

Effective garbage management in Cities Skylines 2 requires a strategic approach, utilizing a combination of landfills, incinerator plants, and recycling centers. The suitability of these methods depends on the unique characteristics of your city, making it important to prioritize eco-friendly options to reduce pollution. Below are the three main paths to achieving a cleaner city:

1. Landfill

  • Description: Landfills provide a space for trash accumulation over time.
  • Management Tips:
    • You have the option to expand the landfill area as needed.
    • Avoid placing landfills near residential or commercial areas to prevent negative impacts on citizen happiness.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Initially a cheap solution, but there are more sustainable and efficient options available.
  • Upgrades:
    • Increase the number of garbage trucks for more efficient collection.
    • Access to partial recycling capabilities.

2. Incinerator Plant

  • Description: This facility burns garbage, transforming it into electricity and subsequently reducing the demand on other electricity sources.
  • Environmental Impact: Generates significant ground and air pollution, which can negatively affect citizen happiness and health.
  • Efficiency: While it helps in waste reduction, the environmental drawbacks need to be considered.

3. Recycling Plant

  • Description: A greener and more cost-effective solution compared to incinerators.
  • Benefits:
    • Converts waste into useful resources, which can be utilized to produce new goods and boost the economy.
    • Has a minimal environmental impact compared to the other options.
  • Recommendation: Strongly recommended for a sustainable and prosperous city development.


In Cities Skylines 2, effective garbage management is key to maintaining a clean and happy city, crucial for attracting more residents and ensuring ongoing growth. By strategically utilizing landfills, incinerator plants, and recycling centers, and prioritizing green solutions, you can minimize pollution and create a thriving urban environment.

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