Best MTZ Interceptor loadout, attachments, and perks in MW3

Ultimate MTZ Interceptor Loadout, Attachments, and Perks for MW3

To excel in Modern Warfare 3 using the MTZ Interceptor, a Marksman Rifle renowned for its stopping power, the right loadout is essential. Though there are simpler options such as the Rival 9, Striker, and BAS-B loadouts, mastering the MTZ Interceptor promises a worthwhile payoff.

Optimal Loadout for MTZ Interceptor

Barrel: MTZ Clinch Pro Barrel
Stock: Bruen Archangel MK2
Rear Grip: MTZ Aggressor Grip
Optic: XTEN ERX-10 Mini
Magazine: 20 Round Mag

Given the MTZ Interceptor’s semi-automatic nature and slower fire rate, it is crucial to enhance its speed and Aim Down Sight (ADS) efficiency. The MTZ Aggressor Grip and Bruen Archangel MK2 are instrumental in boosting movement, aim walking speed, and ADS efficiency.

Essential Gear and Equipment

Vest: Gunner Vest
Tactical: Flash Grenade
Lethal: Frag Grenade
Field Equipment: Trophy System / Comm Scrambler
Gloves: Quick-Grip Gloves
Gear: EOD Padding

With a slower fire rate and limited magazine capacity, it’s advisable to have a quick-firing primary weapon such as the BAS-B or Rival 9 on hand. Quick-Grip Gloves aid in faster weapon swapping, while EOD Padding improves your durability in combat.

Unlocking the MTZ Interceptor

The MTZ Interceptor is one of the default weapons in MW3, available from the start. Early engagement with this weapon is advantageous for leveling up swiftly and unlocking essential attachments for the Marksman Rifle.

Further Loadout Options and FAQs

MTZ Interceptor FAQs

Is the MTZ Interceptor effective in MW3?
Yes, it is a reliable and high-damage marksman rifle, capable of taking down enemies swiftly.

Pros and Cons of the MTZ Interceptor

  • High damage output
  • Fast fire rate
  • Low recoil
  • Versatility in various combat situations


  • Slow reload speed
  • Relatively low magazine capacity
  • Potential control difficulties at long range

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