Ultimate Palworld Guide: Top Method for Massive Polymer Farming!

How to Get Polymer in Palworld

In Palworld, Polymer is a crucial material that you’ll need for crafting in the mid and late-game. To obtain Polymer, you must reach at least level 28 to unlock the Production Assembly Lines in the Technology tab. Here’s how you can get Polymer:

  • Defeat Pals such as Relaxaurus, Digtoise, or Dumud to obtain High Quality Pal Oil.
  • Collect two High Quality Pal Oil.
  • Queue up the Polymers at the Production Assembly Line.

Best Way to Farm for Polymer in Palworld

The best way to farm for Polymer is to focus on obtaining High Quality Pal Oil. Since you can only get Polymer once you have the Production Assembly Line, you need to defeat wild Pals to collect the necessary materials. Here’s how you can efficiently farm for Polymer:

  • Engage in battles with Relaxaurus, Dumud, or Digtoise Pals.
  • Defeat them to obtain High Quality Pal Oil.
  • Ensure you have Pal with the Handiwork suitability at the assembly lines to craft the Polymers. Recommended Pals for this job are Verdash, Mossanda, and Penking.

What is Polymer Used For in Palworld?

Polymer serves various purposes in Palworld, with its most notable use being in the creation of Circuit Boards. Additionally, Polymer is used in the production of weapons such as the Assault Rifle, Double-barreled Shotgun, Homing Sphere Launcher, Pump-action Shotgun, and Rocket Launcher. Other uses of Polymer include:

  • Refrigerators
  • Electric Furnaces

Both Refrigerators and Electric Furnaces require Circuit Boards to build. Remember not to use all your Polymers for Circuit Boards, as you’ll need them for other purposes as well.

Palworld Polymer Farming FAQs

How do you get Polymer in Palworld?

Polymer can be obtained by using two High Quality Pal Oil at a Production Assembly Line.

What is the best way to farm for Polymer?

The best way to farm for Polymer is to ensure you always have enough High Quality Pal Oil. Defeat Dumuds, Relaxauruses, and Digtoises to obtain it.

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