Ultimate Resin Farming Guide in Enshrouded: Top Location Revealed!

Where to find Resin in Enshrouded

To get Resin in Enshrouded, you’ll need to chop down trees with orange leaves using an axe. Trees with orange leaves spawn throughout the map, including the Springlands starting area, but in very small numbers so finding them involves some exploring.

Fortunately, there are several trees with orange leaves scattered around the starting base area. Specifically, there are three north of the Cinder Vault entrance in the Longkeep ruins. Check the image above for the spot.

There’s also one just north of the Flame Altar near the cliff’s edge. Again, take a gander at the image above for the exact location.

Standard, green-leaved trees also have a chance to drop resin, but the rate is quite low, while the orange-leafed tree resin drop is guaranteed with anywhere from two to six resin per tree.

Where to farm resin in Enshrouded

The best place to farm resin in Enshrouded is on a hillside northwest of the Springlands Ancient Spire fast travel tower. You’ll find eight trees with yellow leaves relatively close to one another there that you can chop down for resin. Check the map above for the exact location.

Trees respawn in Enshrouded when you quit and reload. Use this to your advantage to do a few quick farming runs at the spot above to amass a good haul of resin fairly quickly. If ever you run out of resin, fast travel to the Ancient Spire, glide down to the hill, and farm away.

What crafting recipes require Resin

Here’s a list of the crafting recipes that require Resin that we’ve found so far in our playthrough:

  • Strengthen the Flame upgrades at the Flame Altar
  • Bench
  • Staff
  • Fireball I
  • Spiritual Cane
  • Rising Fighter Helmet
  • Rising Fighter Chest
  • Rising Fighter Boots

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