Diablo 4 Flooded Depths Dungeon location and guide

Uncover Diablo 4’s Flooded Depths Dungeon: Location and Tips

Flooded Depths Dungeon Guide

Are you on the hunt for a comprehensive guide to the Flooded Depths dungeon in Diablo 4? With a plethora of dungeons scattered throughout Sanctuary, each presenting unique challenges and rewards, it is crucial to understand their nuances to navigate them successfully. The Flooded Depths is one such dungeon, characterized by its large expanse and eerie pirate theme, which can easily overwhelm the unprepared adventurer. But fret not, as we are here to guide you through it.

Location and Initial Steps

Flooded Depths Dungeon Location

A screenshot of a map showing the location of Diablo 4's Flooded Depths Dungeon.
A screenshot of a map showing the location of Diablo 4’s Flooded Depths Dungeon.

Where to Find the Dungeon

The dungeon is situated atop Scosglen, within the Hope’s Light region. The closest waypoint to begin your journey is Marowen, despite it being a fair distance away. To unlock access to the Flooded Depths, you must first complete the Hope’s Light Stronghold.

Delving into the Dungeon

Confronting the Pirates

As you step into the dungeon, prepare to face off against hordes of Drowned and Ghouls, all embodying the pirate theme of the dungeon. Your initial task is to locate the Plague Ship Rower, a formidable elite monster. Keep an eye on your mini-map for a skull icon, which indicates the monster’s location. Approach with caution, as the Plague Ship Rower is notorious for its punishing AoE attacks. The key to victory is continuous movement to dodge its attacks.

Venturing Deeper: Compromised Oilstores

After subduing the Plague Ship Rower, proceed to the Compromised Oilstores, the next segment of the dungeon. Here, you are tasked with finding the three Drowned Bells, elite monsters that can be identified on your mini-map by a white icon. Be prepared to hunt them down, as the Flooded Depths is expansive.

The Challenge of the Drowned Bells

Engaging with the Drowned Bells can be tricky, as they often have other elite enemies in their vicinity. Ensure you defeat all of them to clear this part of the dungeon. You can tackle them in any order, so go ahead in the sequence that suits your exploration.

Victory and Rewards

Completing the Dungeon

The good news is that there’s no final boss in the Flooded Depths. Destroying all three Drowned Bells marks the completion of the dungeon, and you will be duly rewarded for your efforts.

Loot and Progression

Unleashing the Legendary Aspect

Upon successful completion, the dungeon yields the Legendary Aspect, the Aspect of Empowering Reaper, which becomes available in your Codex of Power. This is a prized asset for the Necromancer class, serving as an offensive Aspect. It enhances the Sever skill, enabling Critical Strikes to potentially spawn a pool of Blight beneath the target, resulting in bonus damage.

Conclusion and Further Adventures

This guide is designed to lead you through the challenges of the Flooded Depths, ensuring a smoother and more rewarding experience. To further capitalize on your achievements, explore the Corpse Explosion Necromancer build and ready yourself to face the myriad of challenges that Diablo 4 has to offer.

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