Where to Find Big Apple Baller Stadium in Spider-Man 2

Uncover the Ultimate Secret: Spider-Man 2’s Big Apple Baller Stadium Location!

Achieving trophies in video games can bring an added sense of accomplishment and thrill for players. In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the “Home Run!” trophy is one such accolade that requires a player to complete a specific action. This guide is designed to help you locate the Big Apple Ballers Stadium and secure this elusive miscellaneous trophy.

Locating the Big Apple Ballers Stadium

Detailed Location

The Big Apple Ballers Stadium, also known as Ballers Field, is positioned in Downtown Brooklyn. To locate it, proceed to the southernmost section of the district, near the water.

Navigational Instructions

Starting from any point within the game, make your way south until you reach the field, recognisable by its proximity to the water.

How to Earn the “Home Run!” Trophy

Required Actions

To earn the “Home Run!” trophy, players must make Spider-Man “Round the bases at the Big Apple Ballers Stadium.” This translates to running from first base, to second base, then third base, and finally returning to home plate. Upon completion of this circuit, the trophy will be awarded. For those not acquainted with baseball, you simply need to run in a counterclockwise direction along the baselines.

Trophy Rarity

Classified as a bronze trophy, the “Home Run!” is notably rare, with just 2.6% of players having achieved it at the time of writing, making it a distinctive and rare accolade in the game.


To recap, the Big Apple Baller Stadium, or Ballers Field, is found in the southern area of Downtown Brooklyn. By directing Spider-Man around the bases in a specific pattern, you can unlock the “Home Run!” trophy, marking a unique achievement in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Enjoy your gaming experience!

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