How to Get Harvester Orbs in MW3 Zombies

Unleash Epic Power with Harvester Orbs in MW3 Zombies – Get Ready to Dominate!


In the Zombies mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, players encounter giant purple anomalies known as Harvester Orbs. These orbs float around the Urzikstan map and can be a source of funds for players low on money.

Finding Harvester Orbs

Harvester Orbs can appear in various, often random, locations on the map. While they are not marked on the overworld map, players will notice them on the map when nearby.

Possible Locations

  • Open spaces
  • Higher danger zones

Typically, orbs are found in open areas rather than cities and may appear in regions with increased zombie threats. Engaging them in low-threat areas is advisable for safety.

Destroying Harvester Orbs

Certain spots have a higher likelihood of orb appearances, as indicated on the map.

To destroy an orb, players must shoot it continuously. It will try to evade by flying away with each shot, requiring players to pursue it relentlessly. Delay can result in the orb vanishing.


  • Small amounts of Essence are dropped with each shot.
  • A significant Essence bonus is awarded upon destruction.

When an orb is close to being destroyed, it will cease to flee when shot. This is the cue for players to intensify their attack and obliterate the orb.

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