Unleash Hogwarts Legacy’s Ultimate Spells Arsenal – Complete List!

The Best Spells in Hogwarts Legacy: A Comprehensive Guide


In Hogwarts Legacy, players are treated to a vast array of spells and magic to enhance their Wizarding World adventure. With a total of 34 spells available, each serving a unique purpose, it’s essential to know which ones are the best for your magical journey. In this guide, we break down the spells into different categories and highlight the top choices in each one.

Hogwarts Legacy Spells List

Here is a breakdown of the 34 spells in Hogwarts Legacy, categorized for easy reference:

Essential Spells

– Basic Cast: Deals minor damage to enemies and objects.
– Revelio: Highlights useful and interactive targets, including hidden objects, puzzle items, loot, and enemies.
– Protego: Protects against various attacks, including spell casts and weapon strikes.
– Stupefy: Stuns enemies, making them vulnerable to follow-up spells and extra damage.
– Ancient Magic Throw: Summons and throws special environmental objects at enemies, breaking through Shield Charms.
– Ancient Magic: Unleash devastating attacks with full Ancient Magic Meter, dealing massive damage and breaking Shields.
– Alohomora: Grants access to locked rooms and containers, requiring magical prowess.
– Petrificus Totalus: Binds most enemies permanently, but stronger foes may break free after taking some damage.

Control Spells

– Arresto Momentum: Slows down objects and enemies, giving you time to plan your next move.
– Glacius: Freezes enemies, increasing damage from follow-up attacks.
– Levioso: Levitates objects and enemies, useful for puzzles and surprising foes.
– Transformation: Transforms objects and enemies into alternate forms for puzzle-solving.

Force Spells

– Accio: Summons objects and enemies to close range, with sustained effort required for certain magical and heavy objects.
– Depulso: Repels objects and enemies with considerable force, launching them into each other for destructive results.
– Descendo: Slams objects and enemies to the ground, causing impact damage.
– Flipendo: Flips objects and enemies upwards and backwards, excellent for setting up juggles and solving puzzles.

Damage Spells

– Confringo: Long-range bolt that deals damage on impact, with fire-based attacks causing continuous damage.
– Diffindo: Slashes objects and enemies from afar, dealing considerable damage.
– Expelliarmus: Disarms wands and weapons from enemies, dealing damage to all foes.
– Bombarda: Deals heavy damage on impact, accompanied by an explosion that can destroy obstacles and hit surrounding enemies.
– Incendio: Deals significant damage and lights certain objects on fire, causing continuous damage with fire-based attacks.

Utility Spells

– Disillusionment: Blends into surroundings, making it difficult for others to perceive you.
– Lumos: Provides light in dark areas and aids in solving light-dependent puzzles.
– Reparo: Quickly repairs damaged objects to their former states.
– Wingardium Leviosa: Levitates and controls movable objects.

Transfiguration Spells

– Conjuring Spell: Conjures items within the Room of Requirement.
– Altering Spell: Alters the physical forms and features of items within the Room of Requirement.
– Evanesco: Vanishes items and returns moonstones within the Room of Requirement.

Unforgivable Curse Spells

– Avada Kedavra: Kills enemies instantly (MISSABLE – obtained during Sebastian’s Side Questline).
– Crucio: Causes enemies to writhe in pain, dealing damage over time (MISSABLE – obtained during Sebastian’s Side Questline).
– Imperio: Temporarily controls enemies, making them fight on your side (MISSABLE – obtained during Sebastian’s Side Questline).

Beast Grooming Spells

– Beast Petting Brush: Allows you to groom beasts.
– Beast Feed: Provides food for beasts.


With this comprehensive guide to the best spells in Hogwarts Legacy, you’re well-equipped to embark on your Wizarding World adventure. Choose wisely and make the most of these powerful spells to overcome challenges and uncover the secrets of Hogwarts. Good luck, wizard!

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