How to Complete Essence of Aether in MW3 Zombies

Unleash the Ultimate Power in MW3 Zombies – Mastering Essence of Aether Unveiled!

Objective: Collecting Essence Samples

In the quest for triumph in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies mode, players are tasked with the Tier 3 mission, Essence of Aether. The challenge is to locate and collect three elusive Essence Samples. These are not your typical items; they take the form of kegs and are hidden around the map, waiting to be discovered and interacted with.

Where to Find the Essence Samples

1. Hamza Bazaar: The Eastern Enigma

  • Location: Nestled between two hourglass-shaped buildings.
  • Action: Seek out a small kiosk in Hamza Bazaar, situated within the Hadiqa Farms area, and secure the Essence Sample.

2. Rostova Shops: The Southwestern Secret

  • Location: Along the fringe of the orange threat zone.
  • Action: Identify an isolated shop set apart from its larger neighbors in the Rostova Shops at Levin Resort to obtain the sample.

3. Quadri Shopping Center: The Northwestern Challenge

  • Location: On the periphery of a higher threat zone.
  • Action: Brave the dangers and swiftly collect the Essence Sample found in Quadri Shopping Center at Zaravan City, even without the aid of a Pack-a-Punch upgraded weapon.

Each location presents its own set of challenges and threats, but with keen eyes and swift action, players can gather all three Essence Samples and complete this gripping scavenger hunt.

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