Unleash the Power of Sentry Guns in MW3 Zombies

Essential Survival Gear: Sentry Guns

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Prepare for an epic battle against hordes of the undead in MW3 zombies! Ammo is crucial, but a Sentry Gun can be your ultimate ally, offering a strategic advantage and crucial breathing space to scavenge for items.

Obtaining Your Sentry Gun

To secure a Sentry Gun, you’ll need 2,000 Essence at Buy Stations in Urzikstan’s medium or high-threat zones. Remember, these aren’t available in the starting low-threat areas.

The Hunt for Sentry Guns

Sentry Guns aren’t marked on the map like WallBuys, appearing randomly in loot caches or as contract rewards. Persistently search the Buy Stations across Urzikstan to find one.

Mastering the Sentry Gun

Once obtained, deploy your Sentry Gun using the killstreak button, placing it strategically to cover multiple approaches. Zombies struggle with high ground, so take advantage by setting up your Sentry Gun atop buildings for a better vantage point.

Tactics for Maximum Impact

For optimal results, position your Sentry Gun near a multi-storey building. This allows you to retreat and parachute to safety if necessary, while your Sentry Gun covers your escape.

MW3 Zombies FAQs

  • Sentry Gun Duration: They last approximately 90 seconds.
  • Carrying Capacity: Carry and use multiple Sentry Guns, budgeting your Essence to make purchases.

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