Unlock MW3’s Powerful Sniper Rifle – 3 Easy Ways to Obtain the Longbow!

Opt for the Longbow Sniper Rifle

For those seeking a weapon that marries ease of use and mobility in Modern Warfare 3, the Longbow sniper rifle is a prime choice. This guide details the steps to acquire the Longbow and capitalize on its lightweight handling and impressive recoil control.

Why Choose the Longbow?

  • High magazine capacity that appeals to many players.
  • Over 30 unlockable attachments for customization.

Unlocking the Longbow Sniper Rifle

Reaching Level 25

  • Begin by progressing to level 25 to access Armoury challenges.
  • At this level, the Longbow becomes available, allowing you to set it as your active Armory Unlock challenge.
  • Complete five Daily challenges to officially unlock the Longbow.

Quick Levelling Tips

  • Reference our MW3 multiplayer tips and tricks for efficient levelling.
  • Utilize MW3 cheats and gameplay tricks to accelerate progress.

Through Zombies Mode

  • Bypass the level requirement by extracting the Longbow from MW3 Zombies.
  • Locate the Longbow in Urzikstan or purchase from Wall Buys.
  • Defeat The Rock mini-boss at the Ghalia Seaside Hotel to guarantee a Longbow drop.
  • Use tools like Sentry Turrets for additional firepower in combat.

Securing Your Weapon

  • Ensure you board an exfil helicopter with the Longbow to retain it for future matches.

Vault Edition Purchase

  • The FATE Weapon Vault in the Vault Edition automatically unlocks the Longbow and its attachments.
  • This edition includes other weapons such as the AMR9, Riveter, and SVA 545.

Frequently Asked Questions

Upgrading to Vault Edition

Can I upgrade to the MW3 Vault Edition after purchasing the Standard Edition?

  • Yes, you can upgrade and enjoy all the additional benefits.

Locating Wall Buys

Where can I find the best Wall Buys in Zombies mode?

  • Popov Power and Zaravan City are your go-to locations for Wall Buys.

Final Thoughts

The Longbow is not the top sniper rifle in the game, but it’s reliable for long-range encounters. However, its slow fire rate and recoil are drawbacks for close combat. After acquiring the Longbow, consider using our guide for the best Longbow loadout to maximize its potential in MW3.

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