All Anubis Callouts in CS2: Map Guide

Unveiling Insane CS2 Map Callouts: Master Every Anubis Secret!

Anubis, characterized by its compact design, presents a unique challenge for Counter-Terrorists (CTs). The Terrorists (Ts) have the capability to assault both bombsites from seven different directions. If we consider only the fastest entry points, excluding any deceptive strategies that involve rotating through CT spawn, this number reduces to five. This scenario draws parallels to the Ancient map, albeit Anubis has a somewhat tighter design, potentially making it easier to seal off vulnerabilities.

CT Defense Setup

Dividing the five CT players across Anubis requires strategic planning to ensure an effective defense setup. Typically, the distribution may look like the following:

  • One CT at B Gate: This player has various positional options to defend the site.
  • One CT at B Connector: This player should also keep an eye on the Water area.
  • One CT at Mid Bridge: Positioned to control the central part of the map.
  • One CT at A Main: Likely positioned at Fountain or Heaven for optimal defense.
  • One CT at A Connector: A crucial position to hold A site.

Rotations and Gathering Intel

The CT positioned as a backup to Mid may rotate to A site as needed, or vice versa, depending on the in-game situation. Early in the round, CTs can gather substantial information on T movements:

  • The player at B Connector can check for Ts rushing through Water or jumping off Mid Bridge.
  • The CT at A site can listen for movement in Water, as it is significantly audible and can be seen on the radar.

Tactical Utility Usage

Deploying utility at the beginning of the round can thwart early T aggression. Key choke points to focus on include:

  1. Gate: Prevent Ts from quickly gaining control.
  2. Mid: A crucial area that dictates map control.
  3. The border between A Main and Boat: A strategic point to hold back the offense.

Exploiting the Connector

The connector warrants special attention. Due to its positioning, Ts cannot access it rapidly, often granting the CT player a peeker’s advantage. This scenario provides an opportunity for CTs to gain an upper hand in this vital area of the map.

By following this guide, CTs on Anubis can establish a solid defense, making it challenging for the Terrorists to gain ground. Utilizing positional advantages, gathering early intel, and deploying utility strategically are key components to maintaining control and securing victory.

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