Unveiling Palworld’s Astegon Secrets: Location, Drops, and Catching Tips!

Introducing Astegon in Palworld

If you’re a fan of Palworld, you’re probably wondering how to find and catch Astegon. This powerful dark/dragon-type Pal is highly sought after and definitely worth the effort to obtain. However, be prepared for a challenging journey as Astegon won’t be easy to acquire.

But before you embark on your quest for Astegon, you might want to know how to find and catch other Pals like Univolt and Quivern. Building a strong team is crucial, so make sure to grab Astegon as soon as possible.

Where to Find Astegon in Palworld

Astegon can be found in Wildlife Sanctuary 3, located in the northeastern corner of the map. This area is filled with high-level Pals that pose a challenge to catch. It’s essential to have a strong team before venturing into this sanctuary.

In order to reach the Wildlife Sanctuary, head to the Deep Sand Dunes fast travel point at the end of the desert. You’ll need a flying or swimming mount to access the sanctuary.

For those looking for more excitement, an Alpha Variant Astegon can be found near the volcano in the southwestern part of the map. This formidable field boss appears at level 48 and is located north of the Eternal Pyre Tower entrance. Be prepared for a tough battle!

How to Catch Astegon in Palworld

To catch Astegon, you’ll need to weaken its health and use a Pal Sphere to capture it. Due to its high level, it’s recommended to bring Legendary Spheres to increase your chances of success. Astegon is a formidable opponent, so be prepared for a challenging fight.

When battling Astegon, it’s advised to have an ice-type Pal on your team. Since Astegon is a dark/dragon-type, it is weak against both dragon and ice-type Pals. While both types can be effective, ice-types tend to have the upper hand.

What Items Does Astegon Drop in Palworld?

Astegon has some valuable drops that are essential for endgame crafting. This Pal drops Pal Metal Ingot and Pure Quartz, both of which are highly sought after materials. While Astegon may be a rare spawn, it’s worth catching whenever possible to obtain these valuable resources.

Palworld Find and Catch Astegon – FAQ

Where Can You Find Astegon in Palworld?

Astegon can be found in Wildlife Sanctuary 3, located in the northeastern corner of the map. It can also be found in a mineshaft under the Eternal Pyre Tower in the southwest corner of the map.

What Pals Are Strong Against Astegon in Palworld?

Ice-type Pals have the advantage against Astegon. Recommended Pals to use against Astegon include Ice Reptyro, Chillet, and Reindrix.

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