Unveiling the Hidden Manuscript Fragment in Cauldron Lake Campgrounds: The Guide!

Introduction to Manuscript Fragments

Manuscript fragments have long stood as a significant element within the Alan Wake gaming series. In Alan Wake 2, their role becomes even more crucial, directly influencing gameplay and player progression. Gathering these fragments, particularly from the Cauldron Lake Campgrounds, is not just beneficial but is a strategic move for every player.

Locating the First Manuscript Fragment

A Legacy Continued: The Alan Wake series has consistently incorporated manuscript fragments, and Alan Wake 2 upholds this tradition with a novel twist. These fragments now serve the pivotal function of allowing players to upgrade their weapons, making their collection an imperative part of the game.

Cauldron Lake Campgrounds – The Starting Point: The very first Manuscript Fragment a player should aim to collect is located in the Cauldron Lake Campgrounds. By securing this fragment early on, players can avoid the hassle of backtracking later in the game.

Step-by-Step Guide to the Fragment:

  1. Head to the First Crime Scene: Start your journey by making your way towards the initial crime scene. After descending the broken stairs, a billboard featuring Mirror Peak should become visible in the background.
    • Important: Do not follow the path leading down towards the crime scene.
  2. Find the Second Fork in the Road: Continue along the path until a second divergence appears.
  3. Reach the Dead End: Follow this new trail until you reach a dead end marked by a sign for Mortar Falls. Hidden in the bushes to the left of this sign lies the coveted Manuscript Fragment.
    • Note: The fragment is concealed within a Cold Case lunchbox, adding a thematic touch to the game.

Utilising the Manuscript Fragments for Weapon Upgrades

While the fragments themselves cannot be read, they become a resource for empowerment. Players can utilise them through Sage’s Mind Palace:

  1. Access Sage’s Mind Palace: Open the map and navigate to the gun icon to access Sage’s arsenal.
  2. Choose Your Weapon: The weapons appear as gun magazines, from which you can select and explore all available upgrade options.
    • Early Game Note: In the initial stages of the game, the Service Pistol is the sole weapon available for upgrades.
    • Upgrade Options: Three upgrade choices are available for the Service Pistol, each requiring between 12 and 18 Manuscript Fragments.

Collecting Is Key: Given the number of fragments required for upgrades, it becomes clear why securing every Manuscript Fragment is of utmost importance. So, embark on your journey through Alan Wake 2 with a keen eye and ensure no fragment goes unnoticed.

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