How the Inverse Teleporter Works in Lethal Company

Unveiling the Mind-Blowing Mechanics of Lethal Company’s Inverse Teleporter!

Understanding the Inverse Teleporter

The inverse teleporter is a unique device in the game Lethal Company, offering both convenience and challenge. It’s a tool that can transport you instantly but comes with a twist that can leave you vulnerable.

Acquiring the Inverse Teleporter

To obtain this device, head to the in-game terminal store and look under the Ship Upgrades section. It costs 425 scrap. Simply type store into the terminal, select the inverse teleporter, and confirm your purchase.

The Functionality of the Inverse Teleporter

Once acquired, you can place the inverse teleporter at your discretion and relocate it as necessary. However, it’s important to note that it functions only when you are on a moon.

Strategic Utilization in Gameplay

Placement and Activation

After procuring the inverse teleporter, place it strategically within your ship. It’s activated via a large button on the console, transporting you and your crew to a random location within the moon’s facility after a brief pause.

The Trade-Off

Be warned: activating the teleporter causes you to drop all items in your hotbar, such as flashlights and walkie-talkies, right beneath the device. This leaves you in a perilous situation, stranded in a facility teeming with dangers, devoid of light, and with compromised communication.

Team Strategies

To mitigate this, a team member can remain on the ship to guide you, keeping tabs on threats, potential treasures, and exit routes. With a four-player team, another member can carry essential items to the facility entrance, equipping you upon arrival.

Embracing the Challenge

For those seeking thrills, using the inverse teleporter without additional tools poses a formidable challenge. While it is feasible to survive without immediate access to your gear, the lack of essential equipment makes exploration and survival significantly more difficult within the day’s time constraint.

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