How to Get Bone Collector Operator Skin in MW3 Zombies

Unveiling the Ultimate MW3 Zombies Hack: Unlock the Coveted Bone Collector Operator Skin!

Step 1: Complete the Final Mission

To unlock the Bone Collector Operator Skin, you must finish the final mission of Zombies mode, titled Defeat Zakhaev. This mission is part of Act 3 and follows the Tier 4 set of missions.

Step 2: Finish the Entire Story

Earning the Bone Collector skin requires players to complete the full Zombies mode storyline. Successfully completing this mission not only unlocks the skin but also awards an additional 10,000 XP.

Remember, every mission in Zombies mode is a prerequisite to Defeat Zakhaev. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Act 1: 21 missions
  • Act 2: 15 missions
  • Act 3: 11 missions before the final one

This totals to 48 missions that must be completed to unlock the skin.

Step 3: Team Up for Success

While individual missions may not pose a significant challenge, teaming up is advised. A coordinated squad can share the load, making the process more manageable and enjoyable.

Equipping the Bone Collector Operator Skin

Once earned, the Bone Collector Skin is accessible from the Operators menu in Multiplayer and the Strike Team menu in Zombies. It’s available for both gameplay modes and is listed under the Ripper character on the SpecGru team. To earn the Ripper character, players must achieve 100 kills in a single Zombies match, although this is not a requirement for the Bone Collector skin itself.

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