How to Get Uncommon Aether Tool Plans in MW3 Zombies

Uncommon Aether Tool Plans in MW3 Zombies

Crafting an Upgrade: How to Acquire and Utilize Uncommon Aether Tool Plans

The ability to enhance weapons to the uncommon rarity in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Zombies mode hinges on obtaining the Uncommon Aether Tool Plans. Crafting this item is contingent upon fulfilling a particular mission’s criteria.

Obtaining the Plans

To lay hands on the Uncommon Aether Tool Plans, players must conquer the Act 1 Tier 3 mission named Saboteur, which stipulates the following objectives:

Mission Prerequisites:

  • Complete an Aether Extractor Contract.
  • Neutralize 15 Mercenaries protecting the Extractors.
  • Annihilate a reinforcement helicopter.
  • Exfiltrate possessing the Uncommon Aether Tool Plans.

Methodology of Crafting

Once the plans are secured, players can proceed to the crafting phase. Here’s a structured approach:

  1. Locate the Aether Extractor contract scattered across the map.
  2. Disable three Aether Extractors before detonation, while contending with mercenary defense.
  3. The most challenging step involves destroying a reinforcement helicopter, necessitating a potent weapon or collective firepower.

Successful contract completion rewards players with the plans, which are then added to the inventory. To retain and activate the plans, players must ensure a successful exfiltration.

In-Game Crafting Instructions:

  • Access the rucksack inventory.
  • Enter the Schematic Crafting section.
  • Navigate to the Aetherium tab and choose the green Uncommon Aether Tool.

Upon crafting, the item is transferred to the backpack and is ready for in-game activation. Note that post-crafting, a two-hour moratorium is imposed before another tool can be crafted.

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