Pokemon GO Players Logging in Via Pokemon Trainer Club Will Soon Experience a Forced Logout

Attention, Pokemon GO Players! Brace Yourselves for a Surprise Logout!

If you’re a Pokemon GO player who logs in using their Pokemon Trainer Club credentials, take note!

Starting from November 15th, 2023, Niantic will be implementing a forced logout for all players who use their Pokemon Trainer Club credentials to log into the app.

Check Your Username and Password

It’s crucial that you immediately check your username and password and keep them in a safe place. Remember, the username you chose for your Pokemon Trainer Club account may not be the same as your in-game name in Pokemon GO.

If you haven’t used these credentials in a while and have forgotten them, don’t worry! You can recover your account information here. Make sure to know your details in advance and recover them if necessary to ensure a seamless Pokemon GO experience.

Why the Forced Logout?

Niantic is updating the login process for Pokemon Trainer Club accounts, which is why the forced logout is being implemented. After the update, trainers will still use the same login method as before, but there will be a new and updated login screen.

As a bonus, Niantic is rewarding players who log in with their Pokemon Trainer Club credentials after the update with an unspecified item reward.

Securing Pokemon GO Accounts

This update to Pokemon Trainer Club is part of Niantic’s efforts to enhance the security of Pokemon GO accounts. It appears that linking a Pokemon Trainer Club account to your Pokemon GO account will become Niantic’s preferred method of logging in.

Stay ahead of the game and ensure your credentials are in order before the login update!

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