WoW’s Dracthyr Are Finally Getting a Much-Requested Ability in 10.2.5

Big News: WoW’s Dracthyr Finally Unlock Game-Changing Ability in Latest Update!

If you play a Dracthyr in WoW, you may have noticed these strange appendages protruding from your character’s back.

They might seem useless, confusing, and a little frightening, but in a few short days (January 16), you’ll be using them to soar the skies at your leisure.

The ability Soar, in its current form, is a bit more like falling with style.

But in 10.2.5, Empowered Soaring will let Dracthyr fly just like Dragonriding mounts. This means you’ll get all the bonuses from your unlocked Dragonriding enhancements (like bonus Vigor), as well as the added bonus of being able to use Empowered Soar every 10 seconds (instead of five minutes).


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To unlock Empowered Soar, you need to complete the introduction to the Forbidden Reach per usual and unlock Dragonriding on your account. Once that’s done, you’ll have access to Empowered Soar on any new or existing Dracthyr characters you create.

For the rest of us, Dragonflying is coming to all old-world content in 10.2.5. By saddling up on a Dragonriding mount, you’ll be soaring across WoW’s classic zones at the same speed as you have in Dragonflight – just don’t expect them to feel quite as, uh, vast, in comparison.

At some point, more likely than not, when War Within launches, we’ll also be able to use any compatible mounts with Dragonflight’s “Dynamic Flying,” toggling between it and traditional flying as we please. Compatible mounts will most likely be those that share a skeleton with the existing Dragonriding mounts, those being Drakes, Protodrakes, Wyrms, and more. But there are also rumblings of a customizable flying machine that uses Dynamic Flight, so time will tell!

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