EA FC 24 3v3 Squad Battles Glitch: Consequences & Solutions | FIFA Ultimate Team

Every year, unfortunately, every new instalment of the EA Sports Soccer series can be subject to teething issues. Even EA Sports FC 24 doesn’t seem to be exempt from this, and approximately three weeks after the release, the first glitch was discovered.

Indeed, there are several videos circulating online that allow you to play Squad Battle matches in 3v3 mode. This trick would enable you to win all Squad Battles in Ultimate Team at the highest level (Ultimate) and easily reach the Top 100 for better rewards. The glitch is also easy to perform – just start a 3vs3 Kick-Off match in Volta, quit it, and then start the Squad Battle match at the Ultimate level. Needless to say, all of this will lead to alterations in the weekly rewards of Ultimate Team and inevitably have a significant impact on the transfer market for player cards.

Naturally, we highly discourage using this glitch for several reasons. First, it’s essentially a way to cheat, and second, EA Sports may take action against accounts that intentionally abuse in-game glitches for an advantage. We will have to see when EA Sports decides to address the issue, perhaps with the next patch.ust tried this Squad Battle 3 vs. 3 glitch myself and can say the ultimate AI is really easy to beat 😅

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