L'incroyable success story de la Karmine Corp : le club d'esport français aura ses Arènes à Evry-Courcouronnes, l'été prochain
              C'est une annonce qui a fait grand bruit, la semaine dernière, après l'énorme succès de la KCX3, à la Défense Arena : La Karmine Corp aura sa propre enceinte sportive, l'été prochain, aux arènes de l'Agora d'Evry-Courcouronnes, avec une capacité de 3000 places. Retour sur cette nouvelle étape avec notre consultante esport, Laure Valée.

French Esports Giant Karmine Corp’s Stunning Success: Their Own Arena Coming Next Summer!

Last week, the gaming community was abuzz with a major announcement following the tremendous triumph of the KCX3 at Defense Arena. The Karmine Corp has confirmed its plans to have its own dedicated esports arena by next summer at the Agora of Evry-Courcouronnes arenas. This anticipated esports hub will be able to accommodate a crowd of 3000 dedicated fans. Let’s delve into this exciting development with insights from our resident esports analyst, Laure Valée.

Esports in France Takes a Leap Forward with Karmine Corp’s New Arena

When it comes to esports, we often discuss public events and competitions taking place in increasingly larger venues. Last week, the KCX 3 at La Defense Arena set a new record in France and Europe, captivating 28,000 fans. Now, the French esports club, Karmine Corp, has reached a new milestone with a significant announcement.

Question: As Karmine Corp approaches its third anniversary, can we expect a dedicated sports arena for the team next summer – a first for the club?

Answer by Laure Valée: Indeed, it’s a big deal that’s creating quite a buzz. The Agora Arenas in Evry-Courcouronnes, capable of accommodating 3,000 fans, will be the home ground for Karmine Corp to host community events and match screenings. This is truly something special.

While we’ve seen such phenomena in China, for a French team to undertake such a project is truly unique. We had a chat with Michel Bisson, the president of the Greater South Paris Agglomeration, who shared his insights on what this means for sports and the city.

Michel Bisson: “For Karmine, this is about expanding its reach through local anchorage and for the agglomeration, it’s about better understanding and therefore, guiding our youth. A youth that is digital and community-oriented. We’re on different paths, with different approaches, but with completely common values.

During the KCX3 last Saturday, I was genuinely impressed by the diverse and respectful supporters who spontaneously sang the national anthem. It’s commendable and it enhances the youth, which is vital for a society undergoing a paradigm shift.”

Question: Can other clubs aspire to similar infrastructure?

Answer by Laure Valée: That’s certainly a question on everyone’s mind. We know that there are discussions between the GameWard team and the city of Boulogne-Billancourt, for instance. But nothing as concrete yet. Perhaps Evry-Courcouronnes has paved the way for what’s possible with esports. However, it’s important to note that Karmine Corp won’t own the stadium. Michel Bisson points out that the Evry Arenas will host more than just esports events.

Michel Bisson: “This will be a collective effort, and I believe that at the start of the season, they need to inform us of the periods when they wish to hold events. So, we’ll reserve those slots. The Arenas are designed to host cultural and sports events, a basketball match, a ping-pong tournament, for example. And these activities blend quite well. I have no concerns in this regard.”

We’re eagerly waiting for the inauguration of the Arenas next summer and the schedule for Karmine’s first season in Evry.

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