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Game Changer: Old School RuneScape Players Must Log in with Jagex Accounts, Say Goodbye to Forced Logouts!

The Impending Implementation of Mandatory Jagex Accounts

The impending implementation of mandatory use of Jagex Accounts has been looming over both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape players alike for quite some time now. But despite knowing this, and the continued push from Jagex to get players to begin using Jagex Accounts, they’ve still been resistant.

Benefits of Jagex Accounts for OSRS Players

On an account level, Jagex has stated that Jagex Accounts will provide OSRS players with the following:

  • Stronger Passwords
  • Enhanced Recovery
  • Email Verification and Notifications
  • Improved Bot Detection
  • Remembered Sessions
  • Twenty Character Max in a list that can be reordered at will

Jagex, January 2024

Additional Benefits of Jagex Accounts

With this not being enough to encourage the player base at large to begin using Jagex Accounts, they have also included the following benefits:

  • Additional bank space
  • Fancier Boots
  • Count Check rewards

But even with all of the above, just over 40% of the OSRS player base have signed up for Jagex Accounts. Undoubtedly, RuneScape players are creatures of habit, after all, we’ve been cutting logs from the same tree for a decade. Even so, wanting to protect that hard work should be a priority, but players do not seem to think Jagex Accounts in its current form is the right way to go about enhanced account security, especially with a lack of official Linux support.

byu/JagexSarnie from discussion


The overall disdain for Jagex Accounts does not appear to be stopping Jagex from implementing it. As of January 9, all new Old School RuneScape accounts will only be able to be created via Jagex Accounts. It sounds inevitable that this will soon be coming for all RuneScape players, and while many are biting the bullet and switching over now, others are holding fast until aspects of the new system are improved.

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