Jagex Continues to Tweak RuneScape’s Combat with Upcoming Necromancy Balances and Combat Beta

Jagex’s Jaw-Dropping Combat Updates for RuneScape Unveiled!

Jagex’s Plan to Balance Necromancy and Combat Skills


When Jagex announced that Necromancy would disrupt the combat triangle, they didn’t anticipate it becoming overwhelmingly superior to other combat methods, negatively impacting gameplay. However, Jagex is committed to addressing this issue and has shared their plans for balancing the Necromancy skill and introducing a Combat Beta.

Regarding the Necromancy Skill Balances

On Monday, October 23rd, 2023, players can expect a rebalance of the Necromancy skill. The goal is to ensure that Necromancy’s strengths as a combat skill do not overshadow the other three combat skills. The initial rebalance will include the following changes:

  • Adjustments to conjured spirits to reduce their power level and improve their quality of unlife.
  • Removal of adrenaline cost from conjure and command abilities.
  • Introduction of a new ability called ‘Conjure Undead Army’, which allows players to summon multiple spirits at once.

Addressing the Power Imbalance

Jagex acknowledges the excessive power of the ‘Command Vengeful Ghost’ ability and plans to make necessary adjustments to restore balance.

Combat Beta

Starting on October 30, 2023, Jagex will launch the Combat Beta, where they will work closely with the player base to implement skill changes. This collaborative approach aims to ensure that all combat styles receive the attention they deserve, maintaining their unique playstyles and significance. The first beta will focus on three main changes:

  1. Enabling ‘Damage Potential’ for all combat styles, replacing hit chance with a damage scaler based on the percentage chance to hit.
  2. Increasing the ‘Damage cap’ for all combat styles from 10,000/12,000 to 30,000.
  3. Implementing a simplified ‘Critical strike system’ for all combat styles, with each style having a chance to critically strike and increase damage accordingly.

Note: Melee will utilize the ‘Strength’ stat for critical strike damage.

The Complete List of Necromancy Patch Notes

The following details the specific changes that will be implemented in the Necromancy rebalance on October 23, 2023:


  • Damage range reduced to 22%-28% (previously 27%-33%).
  • Each rage stack now increases damage by 3% (previously 1% per stack).


  • Adrenaline cost removed.
  • Base duration reduced to 42 seconds.
  • Movespeed increased from walking to running.
  • Passive poison damage range reduced from 27-33% to 8-12%.
  • Passive proc interval rate increased from 1.8s to 3s.


  • Ability can now be cast without a target.


  • Adrenaline cost removed.
  • Heal value reduced to 125% (previously 175%).
  • Healing now occurs on-hit and scales with damage modifiers.


  • Adrenaline cost removed.
  • Fixed duration of 30s and requires recasting to upkeep.
  • Bonus damage changed from 100% of base damage up to 35% ability damage to 10% of base damage up to 20% ability damage.


  • Increased duration from 20.4s to 21s.
  • Changed to deduct base life points instead of maximum life points.


  • Increased duration to 12 seconds.

General Changes

  • Necromancy shields no longer cause conjured spirits to despawn.
  • Resolved issues related to Death Mark, preventing multiple triggers and delayed damage.
  • Fixed reflection of Death Mark’s insta-kill damage at the player.

Community Feedback and Hope for Improvement

The community cautiously welcomes these proposed changes, hoping for a better approach from Jagex regarding content updates. Learning from past controversies, Jagex aims to involve the community more in future updates, similar to how Old School RuneScape handles its updates.

Comment by u/JagexAzanna from discussion inrunescape:
“The community will hopefully see an improvement in the way that Jagex handled content changes and updates from here. One can hope that they have learned hard lessons from the Hero Pass controversy and changes going forward will be implemented with community input, much more like how the Old School RuneScape updates are handled.”

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