KFC’s Colonel Sanders May Now Be Canon in FFXIV… No, We’re Not Kidding

KFC’s Colonel Sanders Now Official in FFXIV – Unbelievable!

Are you ready for a diabolical and sinister surprise in the world of Final Fantasy XIV? Brace yourself, because KFC Japan is teaming up with the popular MMO once again, and this time, they’re bringing something exclusive to the table. After a previous collaboration that allowed Chinese players to become Fat Chocobos, it’s anyone’s guess what KFC Japan has in store for us this time. Will there be exclusive mounts or cosmetics? Perhaps a special questline? The possibilities are endless. While it’s unclear if this promotion will make its way to the States, one thing is for certain: this crossover is bound to be finger-lickin’ good. Just make sure you’re not wearing your favorite Chicken Suit, or you might find yourself facing the wrath of Colonel Sanders. So, gear up and get ready for an epic adventure unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Final Fantasy XIV Collaboration with KFC Japan: A Chicken Suit Nightmare?

As I delve deeper into the world of Final Fantasy XIV, I can’t help but obsessively talk about my character, Chetus, and his adventures in the enchanting lands of Eorzea. However, my excitement may be overshadowed by a diabolical and sinister threat that I never saw coming.

A Tweet Teases the Unthinkable

Tweet via @KFC_jp on X (formerly known as Twitter)

Recently, KFC Japan hinted at another collaboration with Final Fantasy XIV through a tweet. While the exact details remain a mystery, the possibility of exclusive mounts and/or cosmetics for the MMO has fans, including myself, eagerly awaiting further information.

From Chocobos to Colonel Sanders

Chinese FF14 players are eating inhuman piles of KFC to earn Chocobos
byu/Jonasan999 inffxiv

Post via r/FFXIV by u/Jonasan999

This isn’t the first time KFC has collaborated with Final Fantasy XIV. In a previous effort, Chinese players were able to transform into Fat Chocobos by indulging in piles of KFC. What surprises await us this time?

Anticipation and Speculation

While we eagerly await more information, KFC Japan has provided a small hint on their official Twitter page. Could this be the start of a special questline or an addition to the game’s lore? The possibilities are endless, and I can’t help but drool at the thought of what this crossover could bring.

However, it remains uncertain if this collaboration will extend beyond Japan. As a devoted fan, I’m prepared to scour eBay for any exclusive FFXIV merchandise that may become available.

Just remember, if you’re hoping to survive the wrath of Colonel Sanders, it’s best not to don your favorite Chicken Suit during this collaboration.

I may need a new costume before this happens…

In the world of Final Fantasy XIV, a new collaboration between KFC Japan and the popular MMO is on the horizon. While the details of this partnership remain shrouded in mystery, the anticipation is palpable. Previous collaborations have seen Chinese players transform into Fat Chocobos, and now players can’t help but wonder what exclusive mounts or cosmetics await them this time. Will there be a special questline to embark upon or perhaps a connection to the eccentric Hilibrand? While it’s uncertain if this promotion will extend to other regions, fans are already preparing for the possibility. As we eagerly await the release of this collaboration, one thing is for certain: be cautious not to don your Chicken Suit when facing the formidable Colonel Sanders. It’s time to get ready for a new adventure in Eorzea, one that involves both epic battles and mouth-watering chicken.

FAQ – KFC and Final Fantasy XIV Collaboration

1. What is the collaboration between KFC and Final Fantasy XIV?

The collaboration between KFC and Final Fantasy XIV involves the introduction of exclusive mounts and/or cosmetics to the popular MMO.

2. What was the previous collaborative effort between KFC and Final Fantasy XIV?

In a previous collaboration, Chinese players of Final Fantasy XIV had the opportunity to earn Chocobos by consuming large quantities of KFC.

3. What can we expect from this collaboration?

While it’s unclear what exactly KFC Japan has planned for this collaboration, there is anticipation for the introduction of new content or a special questline in the game.

4. Will this collaboration be available in the United States?

It’s currently unknown if this promotion will extend to the United States. However, fans are hopeful that they will be able to obtain exclusive Final Fantasy XIV merchandise.

5. Is there any hint about what the collaboration will entail?

KFC Japan has provided a small hint on their official Twitter page, but it may just be promotional art. Fans are more excited about the possibility of new content than the details of the crossover.

6. Should players be concerned about the Chicken Suit in-game?

While wearing the Chicken Suit/Fat Chocobo head combo, players may wonder if their character will become a Raid Boss. However, this is just a playful joke and not a feature of the collaboration.

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