Final Fantasy XIV Xbox Beta to Finally Begin This Winter

Long-Awaited Winter Arrival: Final Fantasy XIV Xbox Beta Finally Starts!

Final Fantasy XIV Xbox Beta Release Date

Back in July 2023, fans eager to play Final Fantasy XIV on Xbox were delighted to learn that the MMORPG would be debuting on Xbox Series X|S in the future. During the latest Fan Fest in Tokyo, producer and director, Naoki Yoshida announced that plans are coming along smoothly and that there is a tentative window that they are aiming to hit this winter.

Tentative Release Date

The date that Yoshi-P is hoping for the Final Fantasy XIV Xbox beta to go live on is February 21, 2023. Of course, this is an estimated window and is subject to change. Few details were released beyond this, so it is left to speculation as to how the beta will work in practicality. Assumedly, players new to the much-acclaimed MMO will have the opportunity to participate in one, if not the best free trial in all of video game history. On top of this, there is a question regarding license migration for those wanting to play on the new platform. As well as how adding a new platform choice for FFXIV players will potentially further increase the player base.

Community Speculation

According to a Reddit discussion, fans are eagerly anticipating the Xbox beta release. The community is buzzing with excitement and speculation about what the beta will bring. Players are hoping for a seamless transition to the Xbox platform and are curious about the potential increase in the player base once the game becomes available on Xbox Series X|S.

Upcoming Announcements

More information will surely be revealed as it gets closer to February, and an exact date is confirmed. With Dawntrail announcements continuing to be made, there’s plenty to still look forward to between now as the Xbox beta wait continues, whether you’re waiting to play for the first time yourself, for a friend to play for the first time, or to migrate.

Welcome home new friends.

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