Dead by Daylight Seemingly Teases Alan Wake’s Survivor Arrival With Upcoming PTB

Major crossover alert! Alan Wake’s arrival in Dead by Daylight confirmed? Find out now!

Dead by Daylight Teases New Survivor

Dead by Daylight isn’t afraid to hit hard and heavy, and it looks like the next Survivor may have a bit more experience than most of the others who have entered the Fog. After securing multiple nominations during the Game of the Year Awards, it looks like Alan Wake may have a new adventure waiting for him within these particular lands.

A Mysterious Message

In a mysterious message sent out by the developers at Behaviour Entertainment, a flashlight emitting a beam of light illuminating a stack of bloody paperwork showcases a small hint of who our next survivor could be. Naturally, fans immediately jumped to the conclusion that a familiar writer may finally be entering the Fog, and would be a great fit within the world of Dead by Daylight by doing so.

However, while the teaser including a Flashlight immediately triggers thoughts of Alan Wake himself making his triumphant entrance, there are plenty of other horror icons that have used this particular piece of equipment to make their life better. With the reintroduction of Stranger Things, there is a chance that this could be someone like Sheriff Hopper entering this world.

A Big Teaser

The last few packs for Dead by Daylight have been licensed characters, with the latest entrant on the Killer side being the murderous doll, Chucky. Much like Chucky, the development team has waited until almost the final moment to even give a teaser to build as much hype as possible, so we can only expect that this is going to be a big one.

No matter who it is, we’ll only need to wait a little longer to see who the newest Survivor entering the world of Dead by Daylight is, but needless to say, we’re excited either way. From hardboiled writer to supernatural Sheriff, we can expect to try out the newest survivor in the Public Test Build, or PTB when it launches on December 9, 2024.

It’s not a Loop… it’s a Spiral.

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