Pictomancer Revealed as FFXIV Newest Caster Job

Mind-Blowing Revelation: FFXIV Unveils Pictomancer as Ultimate Caster!

In a surprising turn of events: Pictomancer revealed as the next DPS job for Final Fantasy XIV

In a surprising turn of events, Pictomancer has been officially revealed as the next DPS job for Final Fantasy XIV during the 2024 Japan Fan Fest. The event kicked off with its greatest reveal right off the bat, to the joy of the painter’s enthusiasts and the dismay of the green-colored mage’s believers.

Pictomancer joins the Magical DPS roster

Pictomancer will be the fourth Magical DPS to join the roster, sharing the same gear as Summoner, Black Mage, and Red Mage. Blue Mage is also a Caster and was technically the fourth one, but its status as a Limited Job prevents it from being used on most content.

The newest job on the block acts as a different type of caster, who fights with a brush and uses ink as a catalyst to their magic and deals damage to its enemies by bringing its creations into reality through painting. These creations range from creatures to landscapes and more.

Krile will be representing the job for the main cast, as many fans correctly predicted. Pictomancer starts out at Level 80, caps at Level 100, and starts out at Gridania. The job is planned to be a middle point between pure damaging casters (like Black Mage) but still offer enough support to their team.

A new caster was announced to be among the new playable jobs back in July when the Dawntrail expansion was announced. Despite not dropping its name right away, game director and producer Naoki Yoshida followed the tradition of giving us clues through his T-shirt, featuring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Theories ran wild for a few weeks, to the point where people expected it to be either Pictomancer (TMNTs are all named after painters) or Green Mage (Turtles are green. Simple as that). Geomancer was also a possibility as we’ve seen some practitioners of said art back in Stormblood, but it had the smallest following out of the three.

The biggest evidence for the new job was shown back at the climax of Patch 5.5 MSQ, when Krile was seen holding a pendant with the Green Mage’s emblem in Final Fantasy Tactics A2. But it turns out that this was just a red herring. Still, she will indeed have a job change with Pictomancer.

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